Kidd: The answer for the clutch-gap?


I don’t claim to be a big NBA fan–as a matter of fact, like most fellas I know, I only watch during the playoffs–but when the “who’re your teams” conversation strikes up at the local watering hole, I do offer my list:  Vols, Tigers, Bengals, Mavs. 


I became a Mavs fan in 2000 when one Mark Cuban bought the club–his personal self-made-man story is something to be admired, I contend.  I continued to be a fan as they became good.  And I’ve watched every playoff game since, including the disappearing 2-0 lead in the 2006 Finals and the 1st round outing at the hands of the (admittedly fun to watch) Warriors last year.

So yes, over the past week or so as the Jason Kidd trade rumors were being scrolled across the bottom line, my ears perked up.

Today, the WWL is reporting the trade is a done deal. 

“It’s done,” Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told via e-mail Tuesday afternoon. “J-Kidd is a Mav.”  

The question that remains is, will this be enough to get them over the hump?  Or was 2006 as close as we’re getting?  Dirk chokes, same song, different verse.

I contend that Kidd will provide the missing piece: veteran leadership and big-game management, things Nowitzki has failed at over the years in clutch situations.  Now Dirk can just focus on the essence of his game, spot up jumpers, offensive rebounding, and German profanity.

Will this lead to a title?  Probably.  A World Championship?  Maybe. 

If it does, however, it will only conclude one thing:  letting Nash go was the huge mistake I predicted it was.


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