The Premiership: Our Maiden Voyage


5:45:  And we’ll leave it at that for the day folks.  UT makes it interesting but hangs on to beat OSU.  One more game of interest for us tonight will be UK @ Florida, but we’ll be back at the bar for that one and likely will not be in any condition to take Lappy along.  Have a good one you bastards and thanks for reading. 

5:39:  Starting to get interesting and the announcer says Hunter has been everywhere.  Johnny Cash starts playing in my head.  No one?  Really? 

5:37:  UT up 7 with two and change to go.  Chism gets 1 to make it 8 and no one cares about the Late Show anymore.  Seriously, Letterman sucks. 

5:30:  TGC-“Woops, ten point lead.  How’d that happen?”  Me-Shrug, “must be nice bud.” 

5:26:  Oh yeah, sorry about the smallish gap in the live blog.  Had some things to take care of today that jumped into effect as soon as I realized the Tottenham game would not be on the Sweet Plasma TeeVees.   But we’re back!  UT 59, Ohio St. 54 in men’s NCAA basketball action.  TGC is cursing free throw shooting and Lofton just shot an air ball.  What the Hell is going on today?

5:25:  Game update, Tottenham 2, Sunderland 0…FINAL!   

10:54:  Halftime and it’s 1-nil.  Should have been at least 2 from the way the game cast sounds.  Arsenal up 2-0, too bad.  Man U game is boring.  Maybe I should just pack it in.  This is depressing.  At least Al showed up to brighten the morning.

10:43:  Gordon with another save.  Time to put another one through and take control here boys. 

10:37:  Gordon with the save for Sunderland.  Could have started getting ugly there.  Too close a call, need another beer. 

10:13:  Okay, no Spurs today.  Only two games on at the bar are Man U and the Arsenal game.  They don’t have the expensive package.  Oh well, you’ll get live updates as I watch the text scoll on Tottenham’s site. 

10:07:  Spurs up one to nil!  Scored with 1:56 into the first half.  Could this be a sign of things to come? 

 10:06:  Quick look around the bar, yup it’s full.  But not full of soccer fans.  No one is watching the Man U game.  The breakfast at this place is just that good.  The bar is; however, full of 60-somethings drinking their grapefruit and vodkas with their breakfast.  Can’t wait to get old.

10:00:  So I decide to get up @ 9am on my birthday.  Why you ask?  Simple, go to the bar and watch Tottenham play @ 10.  Well, they’ve got the Man U game on right now, but we’re trying to rectify that.  Stay tuned for the Premiership…live blog style if we get it going.

6 Responses to “The Premiership: Our Maiden Voyage”

  1. TGC Says:

    Who’s tending your bar needs this soccer morn?

  2. eDayStat Says:

    Brian as always man. ‘Shea is still working the floor.

  3. TGC Says:

    Did we pack it in when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell No

  4. 2ndstorylloyd Says:

    Gets up at 9am on Bday….Passes out at 9pm on Bday

  5. 2ndstorylloyd Says:

    i think this live blog should include more of edays am drinking festivities

  6. The W Says:

    When the hell did you become a soccer fan? It’s like I don’t even know you anymore….

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