NCAA Hoops Blogpoll Ballot Week 9


Notable games this week were Dayton knocking off Pitt (and then Villanova doing the same), Wisconsin beating Texas in Austin, and the near-miss at UNC/Clemson.

With Pitt shitting the bed so often, we’ve decided they’ll be on the bench for a few weeks until they do something notable again.  I’m still very impressed with Indiana and Ole Miss, however Butler’s slow-style of play is still too boring to watch, so I’ll keep them in the poll as long as they win, but never higher than 15.

You’ll notice the Sam Houston State Bearkats (yes, that’s with a K) have entered the poll.  I don’t expect that to last very long, but hey, its a cool logo.

Big game this with with Ole Miss @ Tennessee.  We should learn a lot about both of those teams on Wednesday night.


2 Responses to “NCAA Hoops Blogpoll Ballot Week 9”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    I still maintain that the sports world skipped straight from the BCS championship game to the NBA Finals and Spring Training.

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Wait wait… aren’t you a UK basketball fan?

    Ohhh, I see what you’re saying.

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