Could Cam Cameron or Mike Martz put up with Rocky Top?


With a few (sort of) surprising NFL moves, the Tennessee offensive coordinator position might now be more up in the air than ever.  And with all this uncertainty, if you’re Phil Fulmer, why not pull out the driver and let the big dog eat?

cameron.jpgPurported first choice Rob Spence withdrew his name and second-fiddle Kippy Brown just accepted a new position with the Lions. 

So let’s take a shot here.  Who is now your #1?  Follow the unemployment line to the jump.

I say shoot for  the recently fired Dolphin’s coach Cam Cameron.  What?  Yep.  He won’t be taking another head coaching job at least until 2009, and he’ll need something to do in the meantime. 

So, why not tutor Jonathon Crompton and redesign the Big Orange O?  After all, he is a college guy.  Here’s his resume:

University of Michigan
1983-84 (graduate assistant)
1985-93 (quarterbacks coach)

Washington Redskins
1994-96 (quarterbacks coach)

Indiana University
1997-2001 (head coach)

San Diego Chargers
2002-06 (offensive coordinator)

Miami Dolphins
2007 (head coach)

Make the call Phil.  You might just end up setting yourself up for life with a potent new offense and a spot for Trooper Taylor in 2009.

So you think that’s a reach?  Then let’s go no further than the same Detroit Lions.  Recently fired OC Mike Martz is looking for work.  Yes, its the same Mike Martz of “Greatest Show On Turf” fame with a resurgent Kurt Warner and the high-powered passing attack that won Super Bowl XXXIV.

martz.jpgI don’t know why the hell Matt Millen thinks he can do better, but he’s a certified proven moron and there’s no reason Vol Nation shouldn’t take advantage of  it.  Here’s a quick look at Martz’s college experience.

From 1974 to 1991, he was an assistant coach at seven colleges and universities, including two stints as offensive coordinator at Arizona State University.

So would either of these proven NFL winners want to take over for a Rocky Top legend.  I say sure they would.  Look, you know you’re not hiring a guy that’s going to stay 10 years, but in the coaching climate of late, you’re not going to find “that guy” anyway.  Might as well spread the field, take a 7 step drop, and heave a couple big balls at some great great candidates.

After all, Greg Adkins isn’t going anywhere.

3 Responses to “Could Cam Cameron or Mike Martz put up with Rocky Top?”

  1. Headlines, Links & Lies… « Gate 21 Says:

    […] light of Kippy Brown declining the offensive coordinator job at Tennessee, Could NFL coaches be coming to Knoxville? — […]

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    damn… Gate 21 is a great name for a Vols blog… wish I’d have thought of it

  3. eDayStat Says:

    Or Slay 35. That’d be money.

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