Dave Pasch confirms: Myspace, Facebook evil


We saw it this past summer, when our very own blog had an all-time hits day (#1 on WordPress) when our own 2SL  found and posted purported UK Savior Patrick Patterson’s Facebook page for all of Wildcat Nation to see and comment on.  We were subjected to all kinds of abuse and accusations of “Program-beating” and underhanded reporting.

The fact remains however, when you choose to open a public webpage and let everyone in… buddy, everyone comes in.

Tonight during the Motor City Bowl, Quint Kessenich reported the story of Boilermaker WR Dorien Bryant’s comment he posted on Facebook regarding Purdue possibly rejecting the bowl invitation because of its… well… stature. 

“If so, we probably should just forfeit.”

 Not only did this get fans and boosters in an uproar, but it got him a one-on-one with Joe Tiller. 

Kessenich’s in-booth partner, Dave Pasch continued:

“This just goes to show you the potential evils of Facebook and Myspace.”

Well Dave, count me in that lot.  Why would anyone, much less an athlete in the public eye, under such scrutiny, and with so many influential boosters and donors (read: employers) choose to post personal information and photos online for anyone with a PC to peruse… much less allow your idiot friends, ex-girlfriends, and enemies free reign in commentary.

I, for one, don’t want any of my cohorts posting publicly anything about me, and am sick of not being able to not read TheGoldfishCowgirl’s pages without seeing some inappropriate reference from some of the riff-raff* she associates with.  Let’s just get rid of the whole thing.

Evil?  I don’t know… Bad? Definitely.

Dave Pasch got it right.

* my opinion, not hers… and I’m sure to be in trouble for it when she reads this

4 Responses to “Dave Pasch confirms: Myspace, Facebook evil”

  1. smoothron Says:

    But, um, without facebook/myspace, how does one get girls?

  2. BobWicket Says:

    BobWicket was on to this well in advance. Yee shall not peruse any Wicketry on said sites.

  3. Dave Pasch confirms: Myspace, Facebook evil Says:

    […] post by TheGoldfishCowboy Similar Posts Facebook or MySpace Comment on Facebook Tops MySpace in the UK by Report: Facebook […]

  4. Burnsy Says:

    OK, Mr. Smartypants, if MySpace is so evil then where in the name of all that is good am I supposed to send messages to 16-year old girls asking them to KIT if they think I’m HOTT? LOL.

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