NCAA Hoops Blogpoll Ballot Week 6


[Update: The poll is out… here] 


Wow, what a shitty week for hoops… and sports in general.  Nothing at all changed for me in the top 13.  Blah.

 The X-men going down dropped them to #25, but I still feel like they are a tough beat in that odd little gym they have up in Cincy, and I think we’ll learn a lot about both the Vols and the Musketeers this Saturday.  Saint Mary’s fell back off the radar, as did Oregon, where I fully expect both to stay for the remainder of the season.

Things are not good in the bluegrass when you have Louisville literally falling apart at the seams joints, and The Big Blue Machine(?) resting gently at 4-4. 

On the way up, I have Arizona State, Miami-FL (which is admittedly overdue) and your defending National Champ–er… well they wear the same uni’s anyway–Florida Gators… if only they can figure out a way to get Tebow on the hardwood (pause).  Yep.

I’ve still not bought into Arizona either, but hey, if you can be sitting at 7-2 with a win over a good A&M team, and having taken Kansas to the wire, all while putting up with the drama in Tucson and being forced to sit in meetings with the most boring drone in basketball, you’ve earned my respect.

One Response to “NCAA Hoops Blogpoll Ballot Week 6”

  1. smoothron Says:

    Is Western the best team in Kentucky?

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