Final Four: Tennessee’s new Offensive Coordinator


As of 5pm this evening, it’s official. David Cutcliffe has accepted the head coaching position at Duke University. I, for one, congratulate him and wish the best.

So what’s next for the UT offense? Our sources in Knoxville delivered the short list. Here’s a breakdown of the 4 most likely successors.

Trooper Taylor

Age: 37

Current Position: Wide Recievers Coach – University of Tennessee

Experience: 7 years D-I RB coach, 1 year WR coach

Positives: Recruiting, Experience with current system and resources, Player Development

Negatives: Lack of experience running an offensive unit

Risk: Is a Texas native. Recently interviewed for the OC position at Baylor, meaning that if UT does not offer him the same position, he probably bails.

The other probables after the jump.

Kippy Brown

Age: 52

Current Position: Wide Recievers Coach – Detriot Lions

Experience: 13 years D-I WR coach (9 at UT), 11 years RB/WR coach NFL, 1 year Head Coach XFL Memphis Maniax

Positives: Pro Knowledge, Experience

Negatives: He’s much older than current successful OCs in the SEC, and has never been an OC before… not sure what that says really, but it lights the warning bulb for me.

greg.jpgGreg Adkins

Age: 39

Current Position: OL Coach at Tennessee

Experience: 16 years coaching Linemen at Marshall, Georgia, and Tennessee

Positives: Word of mouth on Greg is that he is ready to take over an offense somewhere. Players love and trust him… see current OG Anthony Parker’s comments:

“Is he hungry for it? Most definitely. That’s what you coach for, to move up the ladder. If he gets that opportunity, I’d like to see what he could do.”

Negatives: Has no OC experience…

Risk: Handing the keys to the offense to a Line Coach with no playcalling experience

Doug Marrone

Age: 43

Current Position: Offensive Coordinator, New Orleans Saints

Experience: 7 years D-I Tight Ends/Linemen coaching (spent 2001 at Tennessee as TE/Tackles coach), 2 years Offensive Coordinator NFL

Positives: Proven playcalling abilities and offensive leadership (see: Saints 2006 resurrected offense). Tennessee ties.

Negatives: Has never been anywhere longer than 4.5 years. Potential salary problems. Sporadic recruiting history. Looks too much like Randy Sanders.

So based on all this, it’s pretty clear to me that Marrone would be the #1 choice. Is he interested in the UT job? Nobody seems to know just yet. If I had it to script, I’d go after Marrone, Joker Phillips, or Gus Malzahn… and not consider Kippy, Trooper or Greg (I’d have a problem handing over a potentially great 08 offense to a rook). But hey, its Tennessee. Good ol’ boys get their fair shake here.

Here’s hoping for more #4 at QB, regardless of who gets the job.

13 Responses to “Final Four: Tennessee’s new Offensive Coordinator”

  1. smoothron Says:

    Trooper’s only negative is that he’s never been in charge of an offense?

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    I don’t feel like the possibly unprofessional backwards hat is a big enough issue to list as a negative.

  3. Holly Says:

    Troop Troop Troop. I cannot convey how much we do not want to lose this guy.

  4. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    I agree that he is vital in the post-year-we-don’t-speak of time, but does not wanting to lose him mean give him the keys?

    Also, when will UT wise up and offer George Quarles a job somewhere?

  5. Burnsy Says:

    Philip Fulmer should have offered the job to Kevin Smith. Instead, 24K will be the greatest running back in Denver Broncos history.

  6. Jim Herd Says:

    Right on with the inbreeding at U.T. makes Ark. dna a close second. Is Fullmer afraid to bring in new blood??? Lets get out of the 80’s offense & get someone with an offense that can compete with the gators.

  7. The W Says:

    Should coaching in the XFL actually be on a resume? No wonder the guy can’t get a better job.

  8. BobWicket Says:

    I’ll do it.

  9. BobWicket Says:

    Also, I don’t see why Mr. Adkins has to know anything about Seth, Summer, Marrisa, and Ryan…Although anyone that has seen Sandy Cohen in action does have a significant advantage in any part of life.

  10. SuperVol Says:

    Kippy was OC for the Dolphins….so he has been an OC

    I find it funny that folks are willing to exclude people who have coached at UT…Kippy has spent most of his coaching some where other than Tennessee…same for Marone…Handing the keys to OL coach with no playing calling experience worked out OK at Tennessee before….Fulmer’s O put some good numbers and winning the SEC in 89 and 90

    You seem willing to downplay Kippy’s experience yet would be willing to hire Gus Malzahn who has much less experience…Gus was OC at Arky where it did not work out and is now Co-OC along with OL Coach Herb Hand at Tulsa…not much of a resume imo


  11. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    You are correct, Kippy Brown was the Dolphins OC in 2000.

    For a Miami team that finished 26th in total offense. The next year he was a RB coach for Green Bay, then the Memphis Maniax head coach in the XFL.

    I guess my point is in the experience and productivity, not the job title.

  12. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    But hey, he was born in Sweetwater, so sign him up.

  13. JPro Says:

    Look, Kippy was there in 1998-1999 season when they made the playoffs. Also he was Co Head Coach with Phillip at Tennessee in 1993. His resume’ is good enough.

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