Quite Frankly, We’re Shocked



This, friends,  is what we were confronted with as we went on on the Internets this morning.  We couldn’t believe it.  No, not that he was part of the Mitchell report (we had our doubts when he started going yard in city-league softball).  The fact that BW himself used to be a Hell of a player in the Majors.  Wow.  Just WOW.

Big ups to Deadspin for all their coverage of the day’s events.

3 Responses to “Quite Frankly, We’re Shocked”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    I am shocked. Shocked.

    Plus the impending 15 game suspension is a problem since Spring League is only 11 games long (plus tournament if champion or runners-up)

  2. under Says:


  3. BobWicket Says:

    I am probably the best I know of.

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