NCAA Blogpoll Ballot week 5


Here’s the Smoothron and TGC blogpoll ballot for this week.

Biggest droppers are the Ville (13 to 20) which we probably still have too high, but believe in Pitino, A&M (11-23) and Butler (7 to 24) which might be a little harsh, but come on, you hold a team to 42 total points and lose?  You’re lucky you’re still in our poll at all… we love us some offense and watching your team brings on anxiety.

Biggest riser, easy, Indiana…. Yes Indiana, we did not give you justice after knocking off the Saluki team that I really believed in, but your dismantling of UK was enough to allow you in (20 to 10).

Also, we’re pretty impressed with Vandy.  That’s a lot of white on that floor boys… and that’s impressive.

The official poll will be released Wednesday morning.  Our ballot:



3 Responses to “NCAA Blogpoll Ballot week 5”

  1. BobWicket Says:

    I love rankings

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    I still feel like we have Pitt too high and SMC too low

  3. Burnsy Says:

    You know where I rank your rankings on my ranking of rankings?

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