NCAA Basketball Blogpoll Ballot – Week 4


Here’s our ballot this week.  The poll comes out on Wednesday, and I’ll be linking you fine folks over to it at that time.

 For now, does anyone else have questions about how good Texas is playing right now?  I believe.


7 Responses to “NCAA Basketball Blogpoll Ballot – Week 4”

  1. Burnsy Says:

    I wish I knew how we did in college football picks. Oh look, there’s no UCF logo in that poll.

  2. BobWicket Says:

    I am with Burnsy, where is the results at?

  3. eDayStat Says:

    Uh, yeah. My bad, and my bad on that one folks. Will be taken care of in the morning.

  4. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    I take off for a week to the Caribbean and the whole goddam ordeal falls apart… Jeez

  5. smoothron Says:

    Scot Van Pelt was just on the radio touting Kevin Smith as a Heisman candidate and I could hear Burnsy orgasming 4 states away.

  6. Burnsy Says:

    24 states away. By the way, I’ll be in Memphis a bit earlier than I had originally planned. A little thing called the Liberty Bowl happened along the way. What? Why are you guys laughing?

  7. TheW Says:

    Speaking of hearing someone orgasming, I just turned on the telly to the Tigers-Marlins trade, and I think I just heard TGC have multiples. If the Red Sox get Santana, I vote that the National League be left out of the world series, and just let these two play each other in the Series.

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