So Close To Being Good


dlj.jpgIt’s been some slow Holidays for the APIAS crew.  It’s been somewhat chaotic in our sports worlds as we all wait to see where we end up in the bowl standings.  TGC and 2SL have one more game before they have to worry about all that.  That’s because their Vols won the SEC East.  Congrats to them on that, and good luck with LSU in the championship game. 

This post isn’t about the SEC championship though.  It’s more of a recollection.  It’s a “what-might-have-been.”  We’re talking about UK football.

How could seven and five be dissapointing?  For UK football!  It’s insane to think that a winning season is dissapointing, but after the six and one start, CATS fans were thinking BIG.  Like 9-3 big.  Surely we could scrape one out against LSU and Florida.  Surely we would wipe up Vandy and Miss St.  One win out of the Georgia and Tennessee games and we win nine and play on New Year’s.

 That’s not how it ended though.  A crushing defeat to Mississippi State led a long end of the season for this year’s UK team.  Woodson laid an egg in the Georgia game and a crushing defeat at home against the SEC champs (which BobWicket and eDay watched up CLOSE) ended the season at 7-5 just like last year. 

Where do they end up this year?  Music City Bowl again?  It’s too bad, because this team was special.  They battled every game.  They played a good UT team (again, SEC East champs!) to a 52-50 loss in 4 overtimes.  No UK team in the last 20 years would have played that way.  They would not have made a game out of it after getting rolled up in the first half.

This year’s UK team was (is?) special though.  The record at the end of the year will be equal to or less than last year’s, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.  A killer schedule this year (compared to last year’s) made most fans (this one included) think that 6 and 6 would be lucky.  These kids played above and beyond all expectations all year except one week (we got Croomed) and they deserve respect for that.  No matter what the final record says.


2 Responses to “So Close To Being Good”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    the fact that they cease beer sales in casinos in the dominican republic at 11pm is something that could have been brought to my attention yesterday.

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    viva la revolucion

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