Beer Barrel Found; BobWicket responsible


Back in May I put the word out that not one picture of the famous Tennessee/Kentucky rivalry trophy, The Beer Barrel, was available.  I also requested that anyone who could come up with one please send it my way, and as a reward would get any photo he liked plastered up on the gritty walls of APIAS. 

Friends, thanks to the one and only BobWicket, that day has come… and not a moment too soon.  For it is UT/UK week, and there is no other way to celebrate than to fight with the border-state legions over a wooden phallus that has been locked in a closet for 8 years.

The first person to email a jpeg of the Beer Barrel Trophy will get their prasies sung, picture posted, and one full night of debauchery with 2ndStoryLloyd.

So… erm.. 2SL… sorry dude.  BobWicket, you are a God among men, but watch out for his trickery, he’s no angel.

This picture is from the days of yore.  I can tell by the fact that it’s black and white.


True to my word, hereis BobWicket in all his SoupBeans-Mill-attired post-softball-game glory.


As for the ballgame itself… Go Vols!  Would 23 still be a “streak”?  Or is there another word for that?

2 Responses to “Beer Barrel Found; BobWicket responsible”

  1. smoothron Says:

    I would totally drink a beer barrel right now.

    PS- BobWicket is looking GOOOOOOOOOD thise days.

  2. Erica Says:

    to whom it may concern…I have an actual in-color, up-to-date photo of myself with the infamous beer barrel. Just need the email to send it to you. That is if you are still interested.

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