Sandwich Pickem Scramble – Week 12


Week 11 Recap:  Outside of my normal terrible math skills and average-to-below-average football game picking skills (I have other skills, ya know: beer consumption skills, argument-with-ladyfriend winning skills, trash talking skills, numchuck skills, etc.) we had a return to normalcy last week.  Matt Jones is back, as is BobWicketEday maintains the lead still, and 2SL/Smoothron cheat combo continues its freefall while PB and Holly stay put.  Extra P bucked the system going for 7 winners instead of 6, and Burnsy continues to be #1 shit-talker and nose-rubber-inner around The APIAS Threadlands.

 Never fear, I plan to turn this picking regression on its ear this week.  Something about being in sole control of what games we pick each week makes me want to take that power and spread it like Charlie Weis cottage cheese on the bagel that is Midwestern American Football which no one cares about.  Enjoy.





We’re not paying you for your thoughts on life:
Drunked pick em picks!  Yay!!!! – sr
Are you trying to bait me?  We get Morehead State but not the #3 BCS team?  You suck, Cowboy. – xp
i’m stuck in the middle of nowhere – Holly (apparently this is not an analogy or existential depiction, but the actual location of our heroine.)

Akron at Miami (OH)
ZING!!! – tgc
How cute, look at the little MAC teams getting TV exposure. What’s that you say about UCF recently having been in the MAC and being horrible at that? I know nothing of this allegation. -burnsy
LeBron ispn’t palying for Akron, so I dont think thaey  win. – sr
I think Akron could beat Miami (FL), so I’m giving them the nod over Miami (OH!)-xp

North Texas at Arkansas State
ZING!!! – tgc
 Geez, what’s with all the pathetic teams this week? Next you’ll have me picking the USF game. -burnsy
they score d too many points this wek, i mean lasat weekene for htem to lose. -sr
I guess the cranky anthropomorphic color will defeat the racially insensitive mascots. -xp

#7 Ohio State at #21 Michigan
Dear God! Is that? Is that App. State running in with steel chairs?!?! OH MY GAWD! (That was my best Jim Ross impersonation. It gets me laid like nonstop.) – burnsy
Don’t get me worng, i realy hope UM wins.  i don’t think tressel can be beat by lllloyd carr.  how funny will it be to watch llloyd coaching aussie rules foosball in two years. – sr
Sources say, Manningham will be real. – bw
I like Michigan to put the nail in Ohio State’s coffin here.-xp

#23 Kentucky at #9 Georgia
Kentucky over Georgia – I’ll finally show some love for the Kittens. – burnsy
UGA might be palaying sas well ans anyone in the cuntry  right now. -sr
Georgia – and I hate myself. – bw
 Hedges have magical powers.  Georgia wins. -xp

Penn State at Michigan State
(Insert joke about Joe Paterno pooping in his diaper here) – burnsy
Drew Neitzul, neituzel, neitzel still plays for MSU. the dude is like 34.-sr
Michigan State, inspired by the  sterling NFL career of Plaxico Burress, will give medium effort and still beat Penn State. – xp

Morehead State at Western Kentucky
ZING!!! – tgc
My friend wears this Morehead hat all the time. He thinks it’s so cool. Well I showed him up the other night. I wore this South Carolina hat that said “Cocks.” Damn, I’m smooth. – burnsy
someone at the ba r told me theis was an easy game  to pick. – sr
More Head over Goat Fuckers. – xp

Louisiana-Lafayette at Florida International
ZING!!! – tgc
FIU always loses because it’s not the kind of football its students want to be playing. Because its like 99% Latino there. They love soccer. You can tell that I am really on today. – burnsy
i don’t even know who theypre palying. – sr
I have FIU in my “Reverse Survivor” pool so I have to go La-La on this one.- xp

#6 West Virginia at #22 Cincinnati
Remember when everyone was saying that Steve Slaton was going to be a Heisman finalist? Kevin Smith owns him. No, even better, he pwns him. And I still don’t even know what that means. – burnsy
they seem to beat”good” teams. -sr
WVU, which is boring, and inspires no jokes. – xp

#17 Boston College at #15 Clemson
The Atlantic Coast Conference – Where powerhouse programs go to die. – burnsy
hot blondes and short skirst.  i was there.  i saw it d00d!!! -sr
BC is in the slide most of us would have predicted for the beginning of their season.  Clemson wins. – xp

Louisville at South Florida
The nail in the coffin. Maybe now the fairweather fans can go back to studying geography so they’ll finally realize that Tampa is about as much a part of South Florida as daily sex is a part of my life. – burnsy
louisville is nt going to a bolw.  that’s funny.  i knew a lot of bowl s in high school. -sr
The Big East season is like a  twelve-game zen riddle.  As soon as you stop caring, you achieve Nirvana.  Ohmmmm…. Louisville wins.  Dammit!

13 Responses to “Sandwich Pickem Scramble – Week 12”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    there are a lot of nails in a lot of coffins being predicted this week

  2. smoothron Says:

    Dear Lord, I can’t believe that really just happened.

  3. Burnsy Says:

    Wow, SR. Just wow.

  4. smoothron Says:

    That was after the long night at the Winch…

  5. BobWicket Says:

    SR picks the Buckeyes, Eday and BW pick UGA…what the hell has happened?

  6. Holly Says:

    Seriously, I’m on a goddamn ranch all week…that has better cable than I do.

  7. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Is it the Bunny Ranch?

  8. smoothron Says:

    The Bunny Ranch has a great satellite set-up.

  9. Burnsy Says:

    Or the Mustang Ranch, either or. Just humor us.

  10. Holly Says:


  11. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Final Scores this week…. Eday can’t be stopped… shit…

    7 Eday
    6 Burnsy, smooth, 2sl, bobwicket
    5 Holly, PB, TGC, Matt Jones
    4 extra P

  12. Burnsy Says:

    Make him wear a Vandy jersey. See what I did? Now I fit in!

  13. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    What’s the joke? That he wears one and can’t win, or that you think you can find a replica Vandy jersey?

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