Vol Hostesses taking Senior weekend off



Hell yeah that’s strange.  These are the kind of things I always thought were just a given.  Poor guys having to hope for a happy ending on Senior Day!?!  No wonder we’re losing games.

Fellas, good luck at Platinum after the game looking for tai…. What?  They tore down Platinum?  Holy shit.  How can a player be expected to run for 220 and punch a teammate in the face later that night with no happy-ending-giving Vol Hostesses and no Platinum?

Well hell.  Now I’m worried about Vandy and the Cats.

3 Responses to “Vol Hostesses taking Senior weekend off”

  1. Burnsy Says:

    Dear God, happy endings after football games would be incredible. Especially if they were from chicks.

  2. smoothron Says:

    I thought happy endings were after massages? You know… like when Drama couldn’t, um…. yeah, you know what I’m saying.

  3. 2ndstorylloyd Says:

    I once knew a vol hostess…she gave campus tours to the recruits…..at 10pm on friday nights

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