Atlantic Sun: Best in the Country


kickingass.jpgWell, it’s no surprise around these parts that Gardner-Webb annihilated Kentucky the other night (we’ll hold off on conspiracy rumors for now).  It was all over tv, papers, and blogs.  Yay GW!  But then, in an event that never happened at Huntington High last year, USC and super-frosh OJ Mayo were upset by Mercer last night.  Much like the UK/GW game, this game wasn’t ever really close.  OJ led the Trojans with 32 of their 96, but also gave the ball back to the Bears eight (EIGHT!!!) times.  The crazier thing in all of this, Mercer and Gardner-Webb both play in the same conference: the Atlantic Sun.  A quick look around the country will also lead one to find that the Belmont Bruins upset Cincinnati on Friday night.  That’s three quality wins for the Atlantic Sun.  It may or may not last, but for now… let’s all congratulate the Atlantic Sun.  Could we be talking multiple bids to the NCAA Tournament this year?  Okay, sorry, no.


12 Responses to “Atlantic Sun: Best in the Country”

  1. Burnsy Says:

    And which school’s basketball program dominated the A-Sun during the early aught-thousands?

    (Don’t any of you smart alecs say Troy.)

  2. BobWicket Says:

    This smart alec will say…”Troy State”

  3. Burnsy Says:

    Troy does have one heck of an online program.

  4. Brewsky Says:

    Troy State has a pretty nice program. As does Gardner Webb!

    Watch out for the A-Sun!!!!

  5. eDayStat Says:

    The A-Sun reminds me of the Phoenix Suns. Impressive thus far in season play, but will ultimately crash down the stretch.

  6. Burnsy Says:

    The thing I’ll always miss most about my time in the A-Sun is the Lipscomb women’s basketball team. God bless ’em.

  7. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Tennessee women, burnsy, tennessee women.

    (which are second only to kentucky women, should thegoldfishcowgirl happen to read this)

  8. Burnsy Says:

    Aren’t Tennessee and Kentucky the same thing? And I’ll put my Orlando broads up against your Volunteers any day.

  9. smoothron Says:

    Burnsy, so, wedecided tonight that on our blogroll instaed of linking to blumpkins, we’re going to link to our comments pages.

    All in good fun of course.

    I’m drunk, whihch you’ll know when the scramble come s out.

  10. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Word ’round the campfire is that Burnsy’s got a new blog in the works?

    Rumor or truth?

  11. Burnsy Says:

    Truth, monkeys.

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