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So Close To Being Good

November 28, 2007

dlj.jpgIt’s been some slow Holidays for the APIAS crew.  It’s been somewhat chaotic in our sports worlds as we all wait to see where we end up in the bowl standings.  TGC and 2SL have one more game before they have to worry about all that.  That’s because their Vols won the SEC East.  Congrats to them on that, and good luck with LSU in the championship game. 

This post isn’t about the SEC championship though.  It’s more of a recollection.  It’s a “what-might-have-been.”  We’re talking about UK football.

How could seven and five be dissapointing?  For UK football!  It’s insane to think that a winning season is dissapointing, but after the six and one start, CATS fans were thinking BIG.  Like 9-3 big.  Surely we could scrape one out against LSU and Florida.  Surely we would wipe up Vandy and Miss St.  One win out of the Georgia and Tennessee games and we win nine and play on New Year’s.

 That’s not how it ended though.  A crushing defeat to Mississippi State led a long end of the season for this year’s UK team.  Woodson laid an egg in the Georgia game and a crushing defeat at home against the SEC champs (which BobWicket and eDay watched up CLOSE) ended the season at 7-5 just like last year. 

Where do they end up this year?  Music City Bowl again?  It’s too bad, because this team was special.  They battled every game.  They played a good UT team (again, SEC East champs!) to a 52-50 loss in 4 overtimes.  No UK team in the last 20 years would have played that way.  They would not have made a game out of it after getting rolled up in the first half.

This year’s UK team was (is?) special though.  The record at the end of the year will be equal to or less than last year’s, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.  A killer schedule this year (compared to last year’s) made most fans (this one included) think that 6 and 6 would be lucky.  These kids played above and beyond all expectations all year except one week (we got Croomed) and they deserve respect for that.  No matter what the final record says.

RIP: Joe Kennedy

November 23, 2007


No words really needed for this post.  An A’s former pitcher and a stand-up guy.  Thoughts and prayers are with Joe’s family.


Sandwich Pickem Scramble: Week 13

November 23, 2007

Dear Lord.  We’re not going to pretend like this has been easy.  Pulling together this week’s SPS has been like pulling teeth.  Here it stands late Thursday night (okay, now Friday morning) and we’re still not up to TGC’s normally excellent level of excellence (?) here.

Caught up in all the holiday traveling is one terrible fact.  This week’s SPS is being brought to you by the wonder that is dial-up internet access.  Because of that, you’re probably only going to see a text-version of this article on your Black Friday morning.  With luck, we’ll be back in APIAS headquarters in time to update to full helmety goodness by Friday night.  With luck, that is.  Well, without Freddy further Ado ado…

Week 12 Recap:  Well, TGC shook things up with an enormous amount of games that meant absolutely nothing last week.  The scores seem to reflect that a bit.

Three homers tied for the week lead with 7 each (SmoothRon, 2SL, and eDayStat).  Three more sat just behind with 6 each correct (BobWicket, Burnsy, and Peter Bean).  Again, three people hit 50% on the week with our female hero (somehow heroine has a negative connotation) Holly, TGC, and MJ all picking 5 correct.  Extra P rounded out the scoring with 4 right.  Overall, yours truly holds a 4-game lead over MJ and SR sitting in second.  I have been known to implode down the stretch folks.  Just wait for it.

Burnsy looks like a damned ACC prophet, being the only one to correctly pick the might Ryans over the cute-little-orange-helmets-with-the-paw-print-on-the-side.  BobWicket on the other hand was the only one to ball up and take FIU.  Looks like Ned has let him down again.  No homers put their faith in the Cats, which paid off last week.  On to this week’s text-only picks (with the promise of super-cool helmet JPEGS soon)!


Beer Barrel Found; BobWicket responsible

November 21, 2007

Back in May I put the word out that not one picture of the famous Tennessee/Kentucky rivalry trophy, The Beer Barrel, was available.  I also requested that anyone who could come up with one please send it my way, and as a reward would get any photo he liked plastered up on the gritty walls of APIAS. 

Friends, thanks to the one and only BobWicket, that day has come… and not a moment too soon.  For it is UT/UK week, and there is no other way to celebrate than to fight with the border-state legions over a wooden phallus that has been locked in a closet for 8 years.

The first person to email a jpeg of the Beer Barrel Trophy will get their prasies sung, picture posted, and one full night of debauchery with 2ndStoryLloyd.

So… erm.. 2SL… sorry dude.  BobWicket, you are a God among men, but watch out for his trickery, he’s no angel.

This picture is from the days of yore.  I can tell by the fact that it’s black and white.


True to my word, hereis BobWicket in all his SoupBeans-Mill-attired post-softball-game glory.


As for the ballgame itself… Go Vols!  Would 23 still be a “streak”?  Or is there another word for that?

The End of an Era

November 18, 2007

lloydcarr.jpgESPN is reporting Lloyd Carr will announce his retirement on Monday.  Hmm… as a Michigan fan…  you just, after this year, kind of feel… uninspired.  I thought he should have been let go after the Appy State game (actually at halftime).  After the Oregon game, I would have thought he would step down out of respect for the program.  Then, UM ran off eight straight wins against pedestrian opponents.  There were some exciting moments: the Michigan State comeback win, and, um, well no others. 

Lloyd Carr won a national champiship at Michigan.  He won it early on in his career, and much like Tubby Smith at Kentucky, his early success doomed him.  The Michigan Faithful expected too much.  The ’97 championship team was loaded with future pros, and had experience everywhere.  A lot of things have to come together to win a national championship; schedule, coaching, but most of all, experience.  Experience was everywhere in that ’97 team.  This Michigan team has/had experience at some positions (QB & RB), but didn’t in a lot (D-Line & O-Line save Jake Long).  Picked pre-season top 5 in a lot of places, this team was destined to do poorly. 


Breaking News: Vandy Still Vandy

November 17, 2007


First… Dear. God.

Second… (if I may steal a line from my good friend Holly) Happy trails, assholes. You’re still Vandy.

Save your trash-talking for a later date. One more to go for a banner.

Sandwich Pickem Scramble – Week 12

November 16, 2007

Week 11 Recap:  Outside of my normal terrible math skills and average-to-below-average football game picking skills (I have other skills, ya know: beer consumption skills, argument-with-ladyfriend winning skills, trash talking skills, numchuck skills, etc.) we had a return to normalcy last week.  Matt Jones is back, as is BobWicketEday maintains the lead still, and 2SL/Smoothron cheat combo continues its freefall while PB and Holly stay put.  Extra P bucked the system going for 7 winners instead of 6, and Burnsy continues to be #1 shit-talker and nose-rubber-inner around The APIAS Threadlands.

 Never fear, I plan to turn this picking regression on its ear this week.  Something about being in sole control of what games we pick each week makes me want to take that power and spread it like Charlie Weis cottage cheese on the bagel that is Midwestern American Football which no one cares about.  Enjoy.


Vol Hostesses taking Senior weekend off

November 15, 2007


Hell yeah that’s strange.  These are the kind of things I always thought were just a given.  Poor guys having to hope for a happy ending on Senior Day!?!  No wonder we’re losing games.

Fellas, good luck at Platinum after the game looking for tai…. What?  They tore down Platinum?  Holy shit.  How can a player be expected to run for 220 and punch a teammate in the face later that night with no happy-ending-giving Vol Hostesses and no Platinum?

Well hell.  Now I’m worried about Vandy and the Cats.

NCAA Basketball Blogpoll Released

November 14, 2007

rankingimage.jpgYes, friends it’s that time of the year.  Tennessee football is winding down with annual punching bags Vandy and Kentucky, a quadri-annual loss to LSU in Atlanta, and another dismantling in the Peach Chick-fil-A Bowl by an ACC also-ran.  That means it’s basketball time.

That also means that Basket-blogger and general good guy Gabby from March To Madness, for some reason, has chosen the task of assembling and managing bloggers from all over into a weekly poll.  He was even kind enough to invite Smoothron and yours truly in on the action.  After running CFB Pickem this year around here, I know it is an unenviable task (someone once analogized that ‘organizing bloggers is like herding cats’ and if you had seen Eday’s flying leap in wet grass at 2am last night trying to catch a 4 month old kitten, you would find it as humorous as I do.)

So each week, we’ll be posting the APIAS ballot here, and sending you that-a-way for the [Week’s Poll].  Our ballot is after the all-inclusive JUMP.


Gooo! NBA Western Conference Edition

November 14, 2007

The Eastern Conference votes came in around Halloween and it took a couple of weeks to sift through the Western Conference ballot box.  There were some tough calls as the NBA’s dominant conference in standings is also very promising in Goo factor.  Enough jibber jabber, on to the NBA Western “stars” who make us feel physically ill when they hit our high def screens.