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I, for one, do not give a damn.

October 19, 2007

TGC’s second-hand interview: Alabama Football

October 18, 2007

This is my second-hand interview with Tennessee’s next opponent, the Crimson Tide, right in the heat of Bama week.  These are actual quotes from Alabama football players and coaches.


WR Matt Caddell: The Tennessee game is always a special game. It’s one of the biggest out-of-state rivalries, but in other ways it seems like whenever any other SEC school plays Alabama it’s a rivalry.

TGC: Yes, Matt, I too have difficulty calling this series a rivalry due to the 2-10 record UA sports against the Vols, and the 1-3 record the most recent games in Tuscaloosa. 

MC: It’s such a tradition that it being the third weekend in October it gets the fans riled up, and Alabama fans always want to beat Tennessee and Auburn.


Patriots Dominate Even When They Don’t Play

October 17, 2007

t1_chambers.jpgt1_chambers.jpgt1_chambers.jpgAs opposed to its counterparts like the NBA and MLB, the NFL trade deadline usually goes by pretty quietly.  Yesterday was no different.  Whichever site you get your sports information from, you may have seen a headline that read something to the effect of, “Chambers traded from Dolphins to Chargers.”  Chris Chambers is a fine WR; he won’t ever be called great, and he’s not a stiff either.  He has 31 catches for 415 yards and 0 TDs this season.  The Chargers probably had to make a deal at the deadline.  They came in with huge expectations and are sitting at 3-3, plus their “number one wide receiver” Eric Parker was just put on IR.  But they traded away a second round pick for Chris Chambers!  What a coup by the ‘Phins.  That may be their biggest (and only) win of the year.

mossmooningnflteams.jpgThere was a deal done in late April of last year by which all other trades should now be judged:  Randy Moss to the Patriots for fourth-round draft choice.  That trade could shift the landscape of the NFL for the next two-three years.  Tom Brady looks like the best QB to ever put on a jersey, and Randy Moss is running around again like he stole something down in Tallahassee.  Let’s face it, the Randy Moss Era in Oakland was not going to last.  But, the Pats were pretty much able to steal him from the Raiders for next to nothing (at least compared to a fourth rounder)!  Now, the Chargers (a team once thought ready to de-throne the upper echelon teams in the AFC) are trading away second round picks for mediocre receivers. 

But, why?

Because the Patriots are just that much better than everyone else right now.

Breakfast Wagon 22

October 17, 2007

A rundown of spicy links we enjoyed this week while out in Blogfrica. 


[Signal to Noise] proposes other new Celebrity-affiliated Gatorade flavors to launch with “Gatorade Tiger.”  My favorite–Mickelson’s Tears.  I guess it would have to be chunky so one would be able to choke on it.

[The Leaky Brain] apparently has even sicker readers than we do with you magnificent bastards.  Search terms like “Labia Eczema” or “Visible Pantie Line fetish” get you sent that way.  All we get is the occasional “Ron Mercer + Sex” searches… and I’m still not sure why.

Why is Ari Gold showing up at Illinois basketball practice in a shiny scarf? [Storming The Floor]

If you bust on Brady and Theismann, you get banned from MNF.  He’s coming out of the booth! [Fanhouse]

Erin Andrews eating a sandwich.  No that’s not code. [Deadspin]

Are You Kidding Me? 2007 Playoffs Edition

October 17, 2007

hammerrockies.jpgTwenty one wins in twenty two games.  In baseball.  The Colorado Rockies are ridiculous people. 

In the last month, the Rockies won nearly one third as many games as the Devil Rays won all year.  For an entire calendar month, the Rockies won over 95% of the games they played.  To cap it all off they go out and sweep both the NLDS and NLCS. 

The Rockies have put together a miraculous run, but for just a few things the Rockies haven’t done this year, follow the jump.


Nebraska A.D. Gone – Callahan To Resign

October 16, 2007

Steve Pederson, Athletic Director, at Nebraska was fired on Monday by Chancellor Harvey Perlman. Some Nebraska big wigs have already started lobbying for Tom Osborne to become the next Athletic Director. Only in Nebraska.

Callahan Will ResignSince the firing of Pederson the rumor mill has been alive amongst Nebraska faithful about the future of Coach Bill Callahan. has learned that Callahan will resign following the Texas game. Callahan was on the hot seat especially after recent losses to Oklahoma State and Missouri. Nebraska was outscored 86-20 in those losses. No word on whether or not Callahan was going to be let go at the end of the season. Nebraska fans have become restless about Callahan and his tenure at the University.

Possible candidates are already in the works, even though the school has no athletic director. Some of the names being thrown around are Steve Spurrier at South Carolina, Jimbo Fischer offensive coordinator at Florida State and Bo Pelini defensive coordinator at LSU.

Tom Osborne – Athletic Director/Head Football Coach?

Gatorade Showers for the Following….

October 15, 2007

Everyone knows football is far from a one man show.  The biggest team sport in the world requires 11 individuals working together simultaneously to produce a single outcome.  No other sport requires such unity among so many individuals.  The same can be said for football coaching staffs.  Coordinators, position coaches and head coaches must be on the same page for every practice, every day and every game.  Teamwork applies to the coaching staff as well as the players.

The CatchThere are those who hold the spotlight, gather all the media attention and garner all the recognition.  Star players and head coaches are many times among those constantly on the front page of the newspaper.  They get all the credit for success and all the blame for failures.  Vindication comes in many forms and no one got a bigger dose of vindication than Rich Brooks on Saturday.  The often booed Brooks has taken Kentucky to football heights it has not known since the mid-50’s.  The biggest win in Kentucky football history came in 3 overtimes and ended with of all things a defensive stop.  The upset of #1 ranked power LSU gave Brooks the traditional Gatorade shower and plenty of vindication.  Thankfully the team waited till the game was officially over this time for the Gatorade shower.

Saturday night Brooks was in the midst of celebration with a soaked Kentucky polo.  Kentucky football needed more than one cooler of Gatorade on Saturday night.  The greatest win in school history and the recent successes belong to more than Rich Brooks.

Gatorade showers for the following members of the Kentucky Football coaching staff: (more…)

Jerry Jones complains of slick balls

October 14, 2007

The report from yesterday at Yahoo! Sports was that Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones, together with QB Tony Romo have been having internal discussions regarding the lack of grip on the team’s balls late in certain games (specifically when gripping them for kicking).

At the Friday press conference:

Said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, “I know the spirit is to have good, conditioned balls… That’s the spirit… There were enough balls flying around out there….. that (aren’t) slicked up. But I have heard the second ball was slick, yes.”

No comment yet from Philips.

Sandwich Pickem Scramble Week 7

October 13, 2007

Week 6 Recap:  Ain’t got no time for no jibber jabber… here’s how we fared.  First off, I WIN! along with Bobbo and Eday (7/10).  Smoothron and 2SL followed with 6.

On the awayers’ side, Extra P and Bursny picked 6 correctly, with PB and MJ following with 5, and our fair lady with 4. 

This week: The Fightin Burnsy’s take on a cross-state rival, LSU visits Kentucky for the first time since the Bluegrass Miracle, and Auburn/Arkansas hash it out for who’s more mediocre in the SECW.

Avoid premature dousing and enjoy the week folks! (more…)

The MTV Generation, Witness to the Greatest

October 12, 2007

Questions and AnswersLife is full of questions.  Questions without answers.  People devote their entire lives in pursuit of answers to these many questions.  They debate and argue over answers that can’t be found.  Wars are fought, relationships broken and families torn apart as people seek eluding answers.

Why are we here? Is there a God? What is love? Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle?

The reality behind so many of these questions is that the answer is subjective.  The answer often times is found in a belief that belongs to a single person or a group of people.  Mormons, Christians and Buddhists answer religious questions differently, yet all believe their answer is truth. 

The world of athletics is no exception to lifelong questions.  Arguments and fights can begin and end around sports questions with truly subjective answers.

Who’s the greatest of all time?  Is Wooden the greatest coach ever? Are the 1985 Bears the best defense in history?

Debates have raged on for years and years and will continue long after this article is published.  Either way debates and arguments in the realm of sports can be intriguing and stimulating. 

Intrigue and stimulation after the jump. (more…)