Curt Schilling’s Lucky 13


pondering.jpgHours, perhaps even minutes, after the Red Sox had won their second World Series in four years, it seemed Curt Schilling was already thinking about 2008.  The blood had hardly dried from his sock The beer had hardly dried on his uniform, and one of the more famous bloggers in all of Blogfrica was at it again.  Yesterday, on his website, he dropped the 13 teams he might be interested in playing for.  He indicated that Boston would be his “first choice.”  He also left these twelve possible destinations at the end of his Free Agency?  Weird. blog.

Cleveland, Detroit, Anaheim, New York Mets, Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A., S.D., Arizona, Chicago Cubs,  St. Louis, Milwaukee

To see what uniform #38 might be pitching in next October, you might as well JUMP!   

Well, you can’t blame a guy for wanting to be on a winning team.  That list includes all six division winners from last year, a Met team that fell apart in the last month of the season (because they didn’t have a lights-out pitcher!!!), a Tiger team that just missed the playoffs, and a few other also-rans.  But, hey, why shouldn’t a 40 year-old guy who is a first-time free agent be able to go and play for a winner?

Here’s what Schilling should do:  He should play for all of the teams.  Seriously, think about it.  If he opts for normal free agency, he can get flown all over the country, and have GMs schmoozing him, see parts of the cities, and maybe meet a few of the guys on the teams… but does that really tell the whole story?  Absolutely not.  For the first twelve weeks of the season, he should sign a one-week contract with all twelve teams not named the Boston Red Sox.  He can pitch one day a week, and get to hang out with the team.  After a week, he gets on a plane and goes to the next team.  Then, the thirteenth week, he goes and plays for Boston.  Can you imagine the reception he would get at Fenway?

At the end of that week, which would be sometime in late June/early July, he could pick which of the teams he wanted to make the stretch run with.  If you think about it, this is exactly what Roger Clemens does every year, except he just sits on his steroid injected ass and decides which team to play for.  Is this actually going to happen for Schilling?  No.  Would MLB ever let this happen?  No, but they should… the media frenzy is hard to fathom. 

In all honesty, the Red Sox still have to be considered the favorite to land Schilling.  He’s their guy up in Boston.  He blogs, he calls in to radio shows, and makes the fans feel like they actually know him.  Philly would probably be second on the list.  They won the NL East, and bring back a loaded lineup for next year.  Plus, Schilling spent 8 1/2 years there. 

Of course, we here at all have differing opinions/wishes on where Curt should be next year.  I, of course, would love to see him replace Tom Glavine in the rotation for the NY Mets.  TheGoldfishCowboy, I’m sure, would love to have him up in Detroit as a mentor for all their stud young hurlers.  And, the ever optimistic 2ndStoryLloyd would love to have him and ARod introduced at the same press conference at Wrigley Field. 

When the Bloody Sock man is concerned, who knows where he’ll end up, or how he’ll get there.  One thing is for sure, though… he won’t be in an A’s jersey.  Right, EDay?

[38 Pitches]

5 Responses to “Curt Schilling’s Lucky 13”

  1. phightins2008 Says:


  2. eDayStat Says:

    The A’s can’t afford Burt Shilling, let alone Curt.

  3. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    He and Todd Jones would either start a Beer Drinking Team or a bullpen chapter of FCA. Even money on which.

  4. BobWicket Says:

    Schilling, Wood, and Prior to the Reds. Dusty Baker is superman.

  5. smoothron Says:

    @TGC: I’d say both!

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