W T F ?


football.jpgThere are times in life that I am glad I’m not a betting man.  Yesterday’s college football results indicate that Saturday was one of those times.  So many games went wacky again this week in college football. 

The SEC East basically got turned completely upside down and on its head.  Or we suppose it was finally righted after being upside down all year.  Virginia Tech pissed away a huge win.  Hell, even Louisville won this weekend.  For a run-down of what surprised us most this weekend, give that more link Hell with a left click.

Mississippi St. 31 – Kentucky 14

Obviously, this was the most dissapointing game of the year for the Cats.  They literally gave the game away to Miss St. by turning the ball over 6 times.  That’s all there is to say about that game.

Georgia 42 – Florida 30

To continue the SEC shenanigans, the Bulldogs knocked off the Gators.  This put FL with 3 losses in the SEC, pushing them out of contention (at least temporarily) for the East title.  Huge win for Georgia here and every Kentucky fan is suddenly pissing themself with the thought that their only remaining shot at a win this year is at Vanderbilt.

Tennessee 27 – South Carolina 24

Yet another crazy game in the SEC East.  UT needed overtime to beat the Cocks and they are now the leader for the SEC East.  If they win out, they will be playing the West champion for the title.  Oh, and fuck the term “control their own destiny.”  The announcers in SEC games said that at least 1,034 times yesterday and it’s just a retarded saying anyway.  Again, this game scared every UK fan who thought the UT game at Commonwealth was a lock this year. 

Boston College 14 – Virginia Tech 10

As previously stated, Va Tech pissed this game away.  Plain and simple.  I thought TGC was going to have an aneurysm when VT continually just sat back in the prevent.  That man, as I believe do we all, hates the prevent.  You hold a great offense scoreless for 3 quarters and then change up your defense for the final 5 minutes?  Unbelievable.

Missouri 42 – Iowa State 28,  Arkansas 58 – Florida International 10

Mizzou and Iowas St. combined for 70 points while the Hogs and FIU combined for 68 on Saturday.  The average of these two games is 69.  These are the types of things we feel you need to know.

Auburn 17 – Mississippi 3

Actual conversation* that occurred in the Ole Miss locker room after the game. 

Ed Orgeron “What was the score Dan?”

Dan Werner “17 to 3 Coach?”

Orgeron “17 to 3.  How’d we ever score 3 Dan?”

Werner “It’s a miracle.”

Orgeron “It’s a miracle!”

So the SEC is pretty much insane after this past weekend.  LSU looks to have the SEC West in firm control, but hopefully someone will emerge from the East to wipe the smug smile off his face.  Who knows who will come out of the East when it’s all said and done.  Georgia looks strong, Tennessee is climbing and can’t be beaten at home, Florida looked human for a day (very difficult for Tebow 2000), and Kentucky and South Carolina both just screwed themselves out a chance at the SEC East title. 

In reality, anyone has a shot out East, except for possibly Vandy.  But what else could have been expected at the beginning of this SEC season?  It’s just a good thing it’s too much of a pain in the ass to sign up for a gambling account.  As crazy as this college football has been this year, this writer would be flat broke.

*(Editor’s note: this may not have have been an actual conversation and may actually have taken place in Bull Durham, but after watching this movie over 1,000 times it and reality do start to blend together)

4 Responses to “W T F ?”

  1. 2ndstorylloyd Says:


  2. BobWicket Says:

    All hail Sly Croom.

  3. eDayStat Says:

    I always wondered why he was called Sly. Gosh damnit.

  4. smoothron Says:

    If Mizzou is going to give up 28 points to Iowa St, they cannot be considered a legitimate football team under any circumstance.

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