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Rivalries, Why Exactly Do We Hate Those Guys Again?

October 24, 2007

kidcryingblue.jpgDuke/UNC, Sox/Yanks, Cubs/Cards, Cats/Cards, Vols/Tide…See a pattern?  Any time these teams play one another the opposing fans absolutely loathe the other team.  Hell, in most cases the teams hate one another. 

In team sports, rivalries do a lot of things.  They rile emotions, set the table for epic battles, and most importantly to The Man, they sell tickets.  But where does all this hatred stem from?

Rivalries stem from one of four places: proximity, competition, tradition, or a moment.  Each of these factors can add up to a rivalry and it is highly debatable which type of rivalry is the most exciting.  Hit the jump to see some examples of each type of rivalry.  Who knows, your team might just be kicking the shit out of Jefferson High (they’re our rivals!)