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Gambler’s Paradise – Gameday Edition

October 20, 2007

gamedaymadness.jpg7 University of Kentucky Basketball National Championships.  1985 Villanova upsets Georgetown in Rupp Arena.  2SL goes 1-11 in State Tournament.  All great things that have happened in Lexington, KY.  Nothing, in my lifetime, has ever approached the level of magnitude of hype as ESPN’s Gameday coming to UK.  People are going BONKERS. friend Madison drove all the way from WFU just to witness the event, and he’s not even a UK fan.  If I were a betting man…. oh wait, what is this column all about again.  I would be willing to wager that this Gameday could set attendace records for the best college football (or only, for that matter) preview show.  It seems like every person in Lexington (except for this horse-racing enthusiast) will be there tomorrow.  Hmm, notice how I haven’t mentioned this yet?  Yeah, that was on purpose.  The introduction of Casino Bobby did nothing to improve my luck; or his for that matter.  An awkward meeting at the track last week led to us confirming we would undoubtedly do this every week until college football is done.  If, for nothing else, to let the world know just how bad of gamblers we truly are.

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