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Sandwich Pickem Scramble – Week 8

October 19, 2007

Week 7 Recap:  Somehow, with no spread, our expert panel continues to have a member(s) unable to outpick a quarter flip.  At any rate, Matt Jones has proven his consistentcy in picking American College Football games (Note: smoothron, reread that sentence) and our own EdayStat had a great week with both picking 7/10.

The 3am text-messaging wunderkind smoothron, and hot-tub captain extraordinaire (yes he has a hat) 2SL floated 6 correct, and I still think they are copying each other.  Bobbo rocked a fiver.

On the other half of the Mendoza line (read: bottom) came Longhorn PB, our heroine, yours truly, Extra P (whose method of picking basketball games for a football contest proved correct in 2/10 including UK over LSU) and Burnsy (TWO!), for whom I have no excuse, but much respect.

The updated standings are in the sidebar.

If you want to see an incredible thread, and further proof that Cleveland sucks (as I have been telling you for years), check out this week’s happenings over at Ladies…

Onward and upward! (more…)

I, for one, do not give a damn.

October 19, 2007