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TGC’s second-hand interview: Alabama Football

October 18, 2007

This is my second-hand interview with Tennessee’s next opponent, the Crimson Tide, right in the heat of Bama week.  These are actual quotes from Alabama football players and coaches.


WR Matt Caddell: The Tennessee game is always a special game. It’s one of the biggest out-of-state rivalries, but in other ways it seems like whenever any other SEC school plays Alabama it’s a rivalry.

TGC: Yes, Matt, I too have difficulty calling this series a rivalry due to the 2-10 record UA sports against the Vols, and the 1-3 record the most recent games in Tuscaloosa. 

MC: It’s such a tradition that it being the third weekend in October it gets the fans riled up, and Alabama fans always want to beat Tennessee and Auburn.