Patriots Dominate Even When They Don’t Play


t1_chambers.jpgt1_chambers.jpgt1_chambers.jpgAs opposed to its counterparts like the NBA and MLB, the NFL trade deadline usually goes by pretty quietly.  Yesterday was no different.  Whichever site you get your sports information from, you may have seen a headline that read something to the effect of, “Chambers traded from Dolphins to Chargers.”  Chris Chambers is a fine WR; he won’t ever be called great, and he’s not a stiff either.  He has 31 catches for 415 yards and 0 TDs this season.  The Chargers probably had to make a deal at the deadline.  They came in with huge expectations and are sitting at 3-3, plus their “number one wide receiver” Eric Parker was just put on IR.  But they traded away a second round pick for Chris Chambers!  What a coup by the ‘Phins.  That may be their biggest (and only) win of the year.

mossmooningnflteams.jpgThere was a deal done in late April of last year by which all other trades should now be judged:  Randy Moss to the Patriots for fourth-round draft choice.  That trade could shift the landscape of the NFL for the next two-three years.  Tom Brady looks like the best QB to ever put on a jersey, and Randy Moss is running around again like he stole something down in Tallahassee.  Let’s face it, the Randy Moss Era in Oakland was not going to last.  But, the Pats were pretty much able to steal him from the Raiders for next to nothing (at least compared to a fourth rounder)!  Now, the Chargers (a team once thought ready to de-throne the upper echelon teams in the AFC) are trading away second round picks for mediocre receivers. 

But, why?

Because the Patriots are just that much better than everyone else right now.


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