Breakfast Wagon 22


A rundown of spicy links we enjoyed this week while out in Blogfrica. 


[Signal to Noise] proposes other new Celebrity-affiliated Gatorade flavors to launch with “Gatorade Tiger.”  My favorite–Mickelson’s Tears.  I guess it would have to be chunky so one would be able to choke on it.

[The Leaky Brain] apparently has even sicker readers than we do with you magnificent bastards.  Search terms like “Labia Eczema” or “Visible Pantie Line fetish” get you sent that way.  All we get is the occasional “Ron Mercer + Sex” searches… and I’m still not sure why.

Why is Ari Gold showing up at Illinois basketball practice in a shiny scarf? [Storming The Floor]

If you bust on Brady and Theismann, you get banned from MNF.  He’s coming out of the booth! [Fanhouse]

Erin Andrews eating a sandwich.  No that’s not code. [Deadspin]


One Response to “Breakfast Wagon 22”

  1. abarclay12 Says:

    Phil Mickelson’s Tears – That is great. I’d buy a case of that. And yes, my readers are highly troubled. Just this morning I saw “pregnant hotties sex.”

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