Nebraska A.D. Gone – Callahan To Resign


Steve Pederson, Athletic Director, at Nebraska was fired on Monday by Chancellor Harvey Perlman. Some Nebraska big wigs have already started lobbying for Tom Osborne to become the next Athletic Director. Only in Nebraska.

Callahan Will ResignSince the firing of Pederson the rumor mill has been alive amongst Nebraska faithful about the future of Coach Bill Callahan. has learned that Callahan will resign following the Texas game. Callahan was on the hot seat especially after recent losses to Oklahoma State and Missouri. Nebraska was outscored 86-20 in those losses. No word on whether or not Callahan was going to be let go at the end of the season. Nebraska fans have become restless about Callahan and his tenure at the University.

Possible candidates are already in the works, even though the school has no athletic director. Some of the names being thrown around are Steve Spurrier at South Carolina, Jimbo Fischer offensive coordinator at Florida State and Bo Pelini defensive coordinator at LSU.

Tom Osborne – Athletic Director/Head Football Coach?

7 Responses to “Nebraska A.D. Gone – Callahan To Resign”

  1. Extra P. Says:

    Osborne ran for Congress in Nebraska – AD is no sweat.

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Two words… Tommie – Frazier

  3. Extra P. Says:

    Two More Words: Tom – Rathman

  4. TheW Says:

    You mean they play football at Nebraska? I thought they only played basketball there.

  5. TheW Says:

    When Tom Osborne dies, they’re gonna prop him up on the sidelines Weekend at Bernie’s style, much like South Carolina did with Lou Holtz. I’m still wondering how ESPN gets him to talk, though.

  6. Extra P. Says:

    Little known fact: The voice of Lou Holtz is actually Frank Caliendo of Frank TV. Holtz is now merely a stuffed marionette.

  7. Burnsy Says:

    Six more words – Please, Jesus, make it Jim Leavitt.

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