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Gatorade Showers for the Following….

October 15, 2007

Everyone knows football is far from a one man show.  The biggest team sport in the world requires 11 individuals working together simultaneously to produce a single outcome.  No other sport requires such unity among so many individuals.  The same can be said for football coaching staffs.  Coordinators, position coaches and head coaches must be on the same page for every practice, every day and every game.  Teamwork applies to the coaching staff as well as the players.

The CatchThere are those who hold the spotlight, gather all the media attention and garner all the recognition.  Star players and head coaches are many times among those constantly on the front page of the newspaper.  They get all the credit for success and all the blame for failures.  Vindication comes in many forms and no one got a bigger dose of vindication than Rich Brooks on Saturday.  The often booed Brooks has taken Kentucky to football heights it has not known since the mid-50’s.  The biggest win in Kentucky football history came in 3 overtimes and ended with of all things a defensive stop.  The upset of #1 ranked power LSU gave Brooks the traditional Gatorade shower and plenty of vindication.  Thankfully the team waited till the game was officially over this time for the Gatorade shower.

Saturday night Brooks was in the midst of celebration with a soaked Kentucky polo.  Kentucky football needed more than one cooler of Gatorade on Saturday night.  The greatest win in school history and the recent successes belong to more than Rich Brooks.

Gatorade showers for the following members of the Kentucky Football coaching staff: (more…)