Jerry Jones complains of slick balls


The report from yesterday at Yahoo! Sports was that Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones, together with QB Tony Romo have been having internal discussions regarding the lack of grip on the team’s balls late in certain games (specifically when gripping them for kicking).

At the Friday press conference:

Said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, “I know the spirit is to have good, conditioned balls… That’s the spirit… There were enough balls flying around out there….. that (aren’t) slicked up. But I have heard the second ball was slick, yes.”

No comment yet from Philips.

2 Responses to “Jerry Jones complains of slick balls”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    Nothing is quite as refreshing as a shorn scrotum.

  2. Extra P. Says:

    Sometimes I just don’t even want to go beyond the headline, for fear the story will be a letdown. But in this case… bravo, sir, is all I can say.

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