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La Russa Not Going Far?

October 11, 2007


APIAS.NET good friend and the biggest Cincinnai Red homer we know, BobWicket, just let us know that the word around the campfire is that Tony La Russa may be heading to the Reds. Does this mean Joe Torre is staying in NY? Or perhaps the Yanks are going with Don Mattingly? We’re not exactly sure, but we wanted to make sure you knew FIRST that TLR may be making a new home at Great American Ballpark next year.

Handicapping the Championship Series

October 11, 2007

world_series_trophy.jpegFour out (Sorry, 2SL). Four left. Thanks to Bud Selig taking a page out of David Stern’s handbook, we just went three full days without any baseball whatsoever. That’s the beauty of having the dates pre-scheduled for games. Anyways, there are still some great teams playing, regardless if fans in Arizona care or not. Arizona and Colorado played in the same division and are very familiar with each other. Boston and Cleveland only played six times, but both have great starting pitching. TGC gave you his predictions last week using real-life examples. Let’s look at actual baseball factors (well, sort of, but there definitely won’t be pictures of snakes!) and see if we can try and do better than his 50% (which worked surprisingly well in the NL last week).

Baseball picks that you definitely shouldn’t bet on after the jump. (more…)