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Sandwich Pickem Scramble – Week 6

October 5, 2007


Week Five Recap:  Wow folks. Wow.  Our expert panel (along with most of the nation) collectively picked at a .390 clip last week.  Great for batting average.  Bad for the walletMatt Jones extended his overall lead with an impressive 50%  (5 of 10) picked correctly.  Burnsy took time away from Wonder Showzen to pick 4 along with yours truly and Eday, who were out mucklewaining the western part of Tennessee.

The rest of the crew came up with a big 30%.  Here’s how it was done.  Holly did it while photoshopping hats onto Aliens (or was it mogwai?).  PB did it while searching for Texas’s football teamSmoothron did it while dodging phonecalls about gambling advice.  BobWicket did it while surfing in San Francisco (so hey, who can blame him).  And 2SL did it while live-blogging the whole thing, for your glorious recapitulative viewing pleasure.

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