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Gambler’s Paradise – Week 6

October 4, 2007

walter.jpgHmm, I might have figured out the problem with last week’s edition of Gambler’s Paradise, too much dwelling on the past. So, if you want to know how bad it was, look at the link. Otherwise, it’s time to be positive. Let’s go the Psycho-Cybernetics route… the power of positive thinking. Or, as Walter from “The Big Lebowski” said, “If you will it, Dude, it is no dream.” So, I will just will my picks to win. I’ll also be parlaying betting college football with ridiculous amounts of horse racing. Since I’m being positive, this is going to work out very nicely. Also, we’re adding a new wrinkle to the Paradise. My good friend Casino Bobby and I are going head-to-head for the remainder of the season. We’ll figure out what exactly we’re wagering, you know besides actual money. Also, we’re going with a whole different look and layout… you know, not because I’m superstitious, I’m just a little stitious.

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Without Reason or Logic – Go Cats!

October 4, 2007


The departure of Rick Pitino along with my enrollment at the University of Kentucky crushed my love for the Blue and White many years ago.  With each passing year my love for the University of Kentucky Wildcats shrank until there was nothing left.  A closet that was once full of Kentucky blue and white is now full of Rocky Top Orange and Cardinal red.

Understand these were not choices made in spite.  I’ve idolized Rick Pitino since 1993 and will wear the colors of whatever school he coaches.  Attending college in east Tennessee sold me on the pageantry, love and commitment surrounding Tennessee football (and yes, it is greater than that of Kentucky basketball).  Whatever the reasons may be, the fact remains, I am not a University of Kentucky fan.

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Kentucky/SC – Open Thread

October 4, 2007

And it shall pass, there was bountiful and plentiful juice of blue. blue_juice_for_all.JPG

 And the people rejoiced.

Keeneland: Heaven on Earth

October 4, 2007

keeneland2.jpgApproximately 1:15PM on Friday afternoon, a loud bell will ring, a cheer will rise up from the crowd, and twelve horses will spring from a gate at Keeneland in Lexington, KY. This is the true beginning to fall in the Bluegrass. You may have been to a racetrack before, but if you’ve never been to Keeneland you just don’t know what you’re missing. Keeneland is much more than just a racing experience. An experience that starts when you pull in to the parking lot and may not end until way, way later that night. Rain or shine, snow or oppressive heat, the faithful will always be there. People show up from Louisville to Lisbon, from Danville to Dubai (Oh, Dubai?). Why you ask? What is the lure of Keeneland?

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