Real Life Playoff Predictions – Division Series


Rockies v. Phillies

I don’t know much, and I sure as hell don’t know what a Philly is, but I do know that if I have this

I win.  Even if they are girly.  (i.e. Horse is to Rock; Horsie …. yeah terrible joke)  Predictions after the jump.

 bashes  repeatedly.

Cubs vs. Diamondbacks

Yes I’m scared of snakes… ain’t you seen my movies?  Now get these motherfuckin snakes off my motherfuckin page.  Sorry 2SL, in Nature, your boys are too cuddly and that slimy bastard don’t care…

 eat  for dinner one tiny piece at a time.

Angels at Red Sox

I don’t know if Angels wear socks, but I’m guessing they pretty much can do whatever the hell heaven they want.  Including wear, sweat, and wipe up with any color sock they so choose.

 makes  crunchy.

Yankees at Indians

Now here we have a fight.  A real man to man, historically significant, racistly devine, insultingly relevant fight.  Which derogatory moniker will win outright.

Let us consult with history.

Good enough.


There you have it folks.  Enjoy this years postseason play.  AL/NLCS updates to come later.  Watch out for snakes!

2 Responses to “Real Life Playoff Predictions – Division Series”

  1. smoothron Says:

    Why’d you have to go and put a Mets tag on this? That’s just wrong.

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    it was the closest available to a “crying indian” tag

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