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Mets Collapse: Blame, blame… Everywhere

October 1, 2007

tomglavine.jpgIt’s Monday night.  The MLB playoffs start tomorrow.  The Padres are playing in Denver against the Rockies, of all teams.  What are the New York Mets doing?  I would guess they’re setting up vacations and tee-times at resorts all over the Caribbean.  Four weeks ago from tomorrow, I went and watched the Mets in Cincinnati.  They won, and scored eleven runs that night.  Sure, it was against the Reds, but with the way they hit that night, I thought there was no better offense in the National League.  The crazy thing is, I still don’t think there is a better offense in the National League.  It’s just a shame that the pitching let them down during the stretch run.  That statement, by no means, takes the offense off the hook, but they were scoring runs in those 11-10 losses to the Nationals in the final week of the season.  Where does the blame go?  Who won’t be back next year, and what new faces should Met fans expect to see?

Lots of questions, a few answers, and an inordinate amount of bitching after the jump.  (more…)