While You Were Gone…


King RalphIt’s taken almost a full 24 hours for the Saturday that was in college football to sink in.  It began as a week to go camping, appease the lady, go to Home Depot and maybe Bed, Bath & Beyond if there was time, get outside, spend time with the family.  As the last moments of the USC/Washington game ticked away the most influential weekend in college football during the 2007 campaign was over.  That’s right, some of you missed the most influential weekend in college football this year.

Those of us who braved through the upsets, the people that understand why the Top 25 looked the way it did this morning and the trusty lonely college football fans remember the Saturday that was.  There will be no punishment for those of you who were absent, no retribution for time lost, and certainly no “Man did you miss it…” conversations.  Those of us who did not explore nature, passed up the chance to get laid, ditched redecorating the kitchen and ignored the family get the joy of “I told you” comments.  Since you were gone we can claim outrageous things we knew before kick-off but you were not around to hear…

While you were gone I said…

That Dan Hawkins can coach.  In one moment fans in Buffalo country have forgot all about, well, everything that has marred their football program.  Dan Hawkins is a great head coach.  Mike Stoops is not, which is good news for Bob Stoops.

That a goofy white freshmen kicker from Auburn would run around the Swamp doing the gator chomp after kicking the game winning field goal, twice.

That the guy from Oregon would fumble the ball into the end-zone giving Cal the touch-back and sealing the win.

That Colt McCoy would throw 4 interceptions to 1 touchdown while getting destroyed by Kansas State.

That King Ralph up in Maryland had Rutgers number.

That Erin Andrews is hotter than that other girl.

That Holly Rowe looks like one of those gremlins from the 198o’s flick.

Don’t beat yourself up about it.  How could you have known?  On paper it looked like the weekend to miss.

Just remember plan everything around college football because you never know what can happen.  Besides you can get laid on Sunday, go camping in the spring, and see the family at Christmas.  This is College Football.

2 Responses to “While You Were Gone…”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Dear Smoothron,

    Colt McCoy, QB, U Texas, 8 TD 9 INT.


  2. smoothron Says:

    Still a lot of football to be played… and probably a lot of INTs thrown by Colt 45.

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