Sweet sweet revenge


Okay folks, here’s the backstory.  Last saturday, as I am trying to enjoy my saturday drunken Vol-football-watching (which was already difficult due to Tim Tebow) decked out in my sweet orange Cords and official Tennessee travel polo shirt, sitting in my official Thompson-Boling Arena chair… for no apparent reason, drunken Eday feels like it is a good idea to douse me with a little more than half-a-gallon of Cat Water.

I spent some time thinking about what retribution would be appropriate.  Reading the comments in today’s Football Foodie over at LDDD, and seeing that pretty much the entire cooking sports blogosphere has a hatred for all that is Rachel Ray (besides the fact that a former athlete would spend hard earned money on 30 Minute Meals to begin with) I decided that outing my good friend and co-author would be perfect.

While he was out on his afternoon Friday run (yeah, WTF?) I was able to find the book and take the following incriminating photos…

please oh please, jump with me

(and yes, he glistens in real life)

Ladies and gentlemen, our hero, your favorite, and the nicest guy east of the Mississippi, Edaystat not only glistens, but also hearts Rachel Ray.

The infamous evidence in the top drawer

Oooh, I just noticed it was the SEQUEL!!! Maybe there’s the original around here too…

There you have it folks.  Undeniable proof.  And yes the Jack and Jim are for tomorrow afternoon.

Go Vols. Stay Dry!  Bladdaaww

14 Responses to “Sweet sweet revenge”

  1. Holly Says:

    Nice tits, eDay.

  2. smoothron Says:

    EDay whacks off to Rachel Ray!!!!

    And second to what Holly said

  3. Clare Says:

    So…did you Nair it or is it just a plain old shave job?

  4. W Says:

    I’ve said the same thing to him many a time, and also, I’d give Mrs. Ray my 30 minutes (read: seconds) any day of the week.

  5. W Says:

    Are those coups? I know (about) how much $ that bastard makes, and trust me, he does not need coups.

  6. W Says:

    I almost forgot- world’s tiniest nipples

  7. eDayStat Says:

    For one, no I’m just naturally smooth and glistening.
    For two, that mother fucker sprayed me in the face before I doused him in water…POINT BLANK RANGE he sprayed me in the face after I asked him not to.
    For three, yes Ladies… I am available for bachelorette parties…
    For four, I will be drinking myself into oblivion tomorrow due to this.
    For five, Holly, isn’t it amazing that within one week, both of our chesticles have graced the interwebs when we didn’t really mean them to?
    For six, FUCK!

  8. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Editors note: eday is aware of the post now

  9. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Editors note: no, there was no preeminent spraying in any face

  10. eDayStat Says:

    Dude, that was a straight effing head shot…You know better than to do that when I get half a bottle of Beam in me in about 2 hours.

  11. Metschick Says:


  12. Holly Says:

    Seriously, eDay. You. Me. Calendar shoot. We could make a million (hits).

  13. eDayStat Says:

    Holly, your ideas intrigue me.

  14. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Aw look. All my blog friends have their boobies on the internet.

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