Who voted for these guys anyway?


Sometimes I see things in the College Football and think to myself, “Ya know, Orson Swindle would never…”

Let it be known now that I am NOT a Kentucky Football fan.  Nor am I a fan of the color Blue on athletic gear of any kind, however, I am an enormous fan of college athletics, tradition, and the idea of a group of kids fighting all year for their respective institutions of education and fair states and cities, and purity in competition.  That said, I just don’t get this fece sometimes.


I read a great article at FanIQ after week 2 that dissected the AP writers College Football Poll Ballots.  The major point being, hey, if you have a starting point, and you can read a box score, or hell even the line scores of the day, your ranking pretty much will fill itself out.  That point, of course, assumes that basic logic and an understanding of competitive contests and comparative math exists.

Then this week happened.  A scrappy offensive team in the Kentucky Wildcats displayed some strong line-play on boths sides and made just enough defensive stops to squeak out a win over previously #9 ranked Louisville.

The new polls come out and let us all behold the genius of sportswriters (well and Coaches/SID’s) when UK is ranked 3 spots below the Cards.  Yes yes, I see the extenuating factors…. UL was WAY up there, and UK wasn’t ranked.  Folks, this is week 3.  Nobody knows how good other teams are based on so few outings and the large talent discrepancy often seen in early weeks.  All we truly have to go on is overall record (you know, like Wins compared to Losses) and head-to-head matchups (you know, like who actually recently won if two of the teams, you know, like actually played each other in an offical football game).

 Let’s take a look at the analysis after the jump.

Record: UK 3-0, UofL 2-1. 

Head to head (NOTE: this category is actual on-field competition, you know like, basic score-keeping until the end of the game where someone wins and someone loses): UK 40 UofL 34.

Simple right?

Well no.  Somebody somewhere can look at these 2 factual pieces of information and still infer that Louisville is a better team.  Huh?  Yeah.

So I did some digging expounding on what FanIQ started last week.  I was able to find all but 4 of the AP voters’ ballots.  Turns out, the majority of the voters do, in fact, have some common sense.  For the most part, the writers had UK one, two, or three spots just ahead of Louisville.  So why doesn’t the poll reflect this?

Simple.  UK was left off of several ballots altogether, while the Cards were on nearly all of them.  What’s perhaps more unsettling is that some of these sportswriters (Kirk Herbstreit, Chris Fowler and Stewart Mandel included) chose to recognize that the two teams are fairly evenly matched, but still chose to rank UL ahead.  What??

The most puzzling of all is from Jason Franchuk of Provo Daily Herald in Utah, who chose to vote for 26 teams in the 25 team poll.  Yep, ol’ Jason wanted us all to know that he likes my University of Tennessee Volunteers as the 26th best team, even though, you know, 26th gets 0 points in the poll.  Eh?

In case you are wondering which of the writers fall into which category, never fear!! I have compiled them all for you below. 


(Click to view Franchuk’s ballot full size).

Writers who voted UK ahead of UofL: 

Chip Cosby  Lexington (KY)
 Brian Landman  St. Petersburg (FL)
 Neal McCready  Mobile (AL)
 Jay G. Tate  Montgomery (AL)
 Alex Abrams  Morning News NW Arkansas
 Kevin Pearson  Riverside (CA)
 Ray Ratto  San Francisco Chronicle
 Chuck Banning  The Day of New London CT
 Israel Gutierrez  Miami Herald
 Brian Landman  St. Petersburg (FL) Time
 Mike Prater  Idaho Statesman
 Herb Gould  Chicago Sun-Times
 Steve Batterson  Quad City (IA) Times
 Tom Keegan  Lawrence (KN) Journal
 Glenn Guilbeau  Gannett Louisiana
 Scott Rabalais  The Advocate Baton Rouge
 Barker Davis  Washington Times
 Steve Conroy  Boston Herald
 Joseph Hawk  Las Vegas Review-Journal
 Aditi Kinkhabwala  Bergen Record NJ
 Joe Giglio  Raleigh News & Observer
 Jim Young  News & Record Greensboro
 John Hunt  The Oregonian
 Eric Yutzy  WTVF-TV Nashiville, Tenn
 Joseph Duarte  Houston Chronicle
 Jimmy Burch  Fort Worth Star
 Kirk Bohls  Austin American Statesman (Voted UK #12)
 Molly Yanity  Seattle Post-Intelligenc
 Dave Morrison  The Register-Herald
 Craig James  CBS
 Tom Hart  CSTV

Writers who voted UofL ahead of UK:

 David Jones  Florida Today 
 Parrish Alford  NE Mississippi Daily Jnl (Ranked UofL 13 and UK 24) 
 Rich Kaipust  Omaha (NE) World-Herald 
 Matt McCoy  WTVN-AM Columbus Ohio 
 Mike Strain  Tulsa (OK) World 
 Chris Fowler  ESPN 
 Stewart Mandel  si.com 

Writers who voted for UK but not UofL:

Mark Tupper  Decatur (Ill) Herald
Eric Hansen  South Bend (IN) Tribune
Rodney McKissic  The Buffalo (NY) News
Dave Goren  WXII-TV Greensboro, NC
Bret Bloomquist  El Paso (TX) Times
Doug Doughty  The Roanoke (VA) Times (Ranked UK 23 and App State 24)
Austin Ward  Casper (WY) Star-Tribune

Writers who voted for UofL but not UK:

 Wayne Phillips  The Greeneville (TN) 
 John Moredich  Tucson (AZ) 
 Scott Wolf  Los Angeles Daily News 
 B.G. Brooks  Rocky Mountain News 
 Paul Arnett  Honolulu Star-Bulletin 
Pete DiPrimio  Ft. Wayne (IN) News 16 
 Chip Scoggins  Minneapolis Star-Tribune 
 Mike DeArmond  Kansas City Star 
 Tommy Trujillo  The New Mexican 
 Kirk Herbstreit  WBNS-AM Columbus  (Ranked UofL 17, Arizona St 19, and UCLA 22)
 Doug Lesmerises  Cleveland Plain Dealer 
 Myron Patton  KOKH-TV Oklahoma City 
Jason Franchuk  Provo (UT) Daily Herald 
 Tom Mulhern  Wisconsin State Journal

And Finally:

Jon Wilner in San Jose did not rank either UL or UK, but did find it in his heart to rank the Appy State Mountaineers at 23 ahead of Rutgers and Ga Tech.

There you have it folks.  Your professional sports personalities and their ridiculous control over very important matters*.

(Thanks to Holly for finding the FanIQ archive. Oh, and for fulfilling your end of the bet.  You are a truly a sportsman… err sportswoman… erm.. sportsLady?…)

*possibly TGC opinion and/or overstatement

14 Responses to “Who voted for these guys anyway?”

  1. smoothron Says:

    Do you think Rich Kaipust ever shortens his name to “Raipust?”

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    This is further evidence that some of these guys are so arrogant that they don’t need to use info like stats and records to rank teams… their opinion carries more weight than those petty facts.

    Why even play the games? Let’s just ask them.

  3. Sports Talk on KentuckySportsRadio.com » Blog Archive » Who voted against the Cats? Says:

    […] now it looks like we may be good enough to do it. “A Pudge is a Sandwich” has compiled the votes of AP voters to determine who voted the Cards over the Cats EVEN THOUGH the Cats won the game on Saturday. The […]

  4. smoothron Says:

    As if I needed more reasons to hate Kirk Herbstreit… what a homer tool. Cool frosty tips, though!

  5. Joe Says:

    What gets me is that at this point in the season, Kentucky is ranked ahead of Georgia. That means that the pollsters are more impressed with Kentucky than with Georgia. I have seen Georgia play and I would have to agree with that assessment, but as a Georgia fan, that is extremely disconcerting (to me at least).

  6. Russell Hayes Says:

    While not 100% true, do I seem to detect an east coast/west coast bias? It seems like the majority of the folks who didn’t vote for UK at all, or ranked them poorly, were midwest or west coast newpapers. They certainly wouldn’t want to give their preconceived notions away or trouble themselves with the box scores of the games! I’m like one of the posters above…why play the games, let’s just ask the polls? That’s what the politicians do to run the country…why should the sports world be any different.

  7. eDayStat Says:

    I still don’t understand who voted these men into office to give them the right to vote on this…

  8. smoothron Says:

    I believe that was Mitch… and not Barnhart.

  9. SV_Ky Says:

    Uk won, they deserved to win, and now whining about rankings…..Lets see whined several years ago when UL kept scoring, whined when UL then took a knee, and in the every 5 years UK wins there is whining about something. Perhaps they see potential improvement in UL’s future whereas UK is viewed as being at the top its game now. UK played a great game and deserved the W. Quit whining and burning couches in the street and start preparing for LSU, and we will see you next year.

    BTW, as a cards fan that lives in Lex and has season tickets and attends all UK home games, i was appalled at the behavior of quite a few fans. INcluding the group that knocked the 14 year old from the stands into the tunnel, breaking his arm and ruining his season with a local high school. I think we need to keep in mind that sportsmanship includes winning and losing.

  10. Loge Level » Blog Archive » Kentucky Football Weekly Update: Week 3 Says:

    […] curious about who voted Louisville ahead of Kentucky in this week’s AP Poll, check A Pudge Is A Sandwich, which we saw linked at […]

  11. CleanSanchez Says:

    I was unaware the poll was based on potential improvement in the future.

    Shouldn’t UNC then be somewhere around #22? Surely with Butch Davis we can infer that they’ll be cracking the Top 25 in the next 4 years.

  12. Sharpiefan Says:

    I haven’t heard a KY fan complain one time about the ranking. The person that wrote this is just a football fan, not a KY fan. Sounds like in the State of KY the Louisville fans have a complex. From what I have read the KY fans are just looking ahead to a tough SEC schedule, not a game against a slouch in the Big East.

  13. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    I think sometimes folks just comment without reading the post… Long live Blogfrica and comment-thread-trash-talking

    although I guess if I had my druthers, I’d rather it be informed trash-talking

  14. Shantae Uhyrek Says:

    I was was doing a search and impressed by the info you have. Just exactly what I needed also. Keep it up

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