Weekend In Review


racistwildcat.jpgAnother week of football down and the Kentucky Wildcats are still undefeated.  They won’t receive their first real test until next weekend with Louisville traveling to Lexington.  But Cats fans can relax and bask in the glow of being undefeated going into week three for the first time since starting 4-0 in 2002. 

It was a pretty solid football weekend overall, with some good upsets mixed in.  A run-down of some of the weekend’s more interesting events are after the jump.

APIAS teams go 2-1 for the weekend.  As previously mentioned, UK took care of business after playing Kent St. to a 14-14 tie in the first half.  The second half was all UK as the 42-6 drubbing Kent took in the second half was one of the more ugly events of the weekend.  Tennessee played solid against Southern Miss (a team that isn’t half bad).  The ground and air attacks were in good shape as Ainge went for over 275 and Foster for 125 on the ground.  SmoothRon’s team will go unmentioned again this week. 

eDay goes to Commonwealth.  That’s right, in attendance for the Saturday beating Kentucky laid on the Flashes was this resident hopeful blue-blood himself.  Another 6 friends joined in to tailgate for a few hours before the game.  It was more like drinking beer and bourbon while playing cornhole as we all just ate pre-game.  Still good times though. 

UK left everyone on edge in the first half and most fans were extremely pissed off by the start of the second.  It didn’t take too long for UK to start piling up the points.  Kent started coughing the ball up like they were Pee Wee leaguers.  UK continued to pile on points.  Rinse and repeat and you have the entire second half.  There’s nothing quite like watching your favorite team totally smack down a team when several people (Kirk Herbstreit included) had been rumoring that UK would be upset by Kent.

The NFL really starts.  Say what you want about Thursday being the official start of football, but I don’t buy into these odd-day sporting events.  Sunday is when football happens.  Oh, and Monday Night Football (which should be only one game damnit!) counts as well because it’s a tradition.  Pittsburgh romped on a still terrible Browns team, Bret Favre worked some absolute magic while taking Green Bay over the Eagles,  Minnesota did to the Falcons what everyone expects to now that they are out of Mexicos, and the Titans ran all day long on the Jags.  All in all, this has been a great start to the NFL season so far today.

Dale Jr. will be racing for pride.  After Saturday night’s Richmond race, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is officially eliminated from the Nascar Nextel Cup Chase.  Now he has 10 races to ride around and race for the win every week before he heads over to Hendrick next year.  It’s questionable how Dale will approach these last races.  Will he drive the wheels off the car and not give a damn the way his fans want him to?  Or will he remain the passive self that he has been during the last, oh, 20 years?  More on point, the last month has seen Jr. seem annoyed by every reporter he talks to and he seems to have an even more melancholy demeaner than usual.  Will he snap out of that over the rest of the season and get ready for next season with Hendrick?

Well, that’s the world of sports in the APIAS camp.  Tony Stewart rolls into the Chase giving 2SL and TGC something to watch on Sundays and Saturdays for the next 10 weeks.  Tennessee has a big one against Florida this week and UK will clash with Louisville.  Michigan will be going up against Notre Dame which actually becomes a big game as these two teams are still looking for their first win of the season.  It should be another great week of football coming up.  Oh yeah, don’t forget about that national pasttime either.  Every race is within 6 games except for the AL West, so we should start seeing some more bench clearing brawls over the next two weeks when these races heat up.


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  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Brett Favre is magic

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