Gambler’s Paradise Week 2


money.jpgThat’s right, we’re back… again.  Somehow, after the Michigan loss, I managed to keep wagering, and actually won some money until OLD Bobby Bowden managed to royally screw things up.  Let’s stick to the positives… I am the guy who gave you Wisconsin, LSU, Georgia Tech, UCLA, UGA, and Idaho last week.  I’m not as in love with as many games as I was last week, but that has certainly never stopped me before.  There will be winners and losers this weekend.  Appy State will probably be a winner in whomever they play, and I pray to God that Michigan is not a loser… AGAIN!

Lots of possible money to be made after the jump…

cheerleaders2.jpgcheerleaders.jpgcheerleaders.jpgNebraska (-9) @ Wake Forest:  Riley Skinner is out for Wake, and while you may not know who Riley Skinner is… I guarantee you probably don’t know who his backup is.  Wake gave up 38 points last week to a mediocre (at best) Boston College offense, and I’m pretty sure Callahan and the boys will find a way to score.  Look for at least one defensive score for the ‘Huskers and for them to win by at least two touchdowns.

Oregon @ Michigan (-7):  Don’t bet on your favorite team.  Too many things to lose.  UM must win, and win big.  This is for you, not me.  Unless I need to win a game tomorrow.

South Carolina @ Georgia (-3.5):  Things aren’t well in Columbia, I don’t care who’s playing QB.  Georgia looked really, really good last week against OSU; even with this game looming.  Mark Richt will let Spurrier know how to run an SEC program (let WHOEVER in WHENEVER they want).  This will be close for a bit, but the UGA faithful will pull the ‘Dawgs through in the end.  UGA 31 SC 20.

Notre Dame @ Penn State (-17.5):  Hmm… Jimmy Claussen’s first start is at Happy Valley with 106k strong all dressed in white?  Georgia Tech has inferior defense and offense to Penn State, plus this game is on the road.  The only thing that worries me is the coaching match-up, but even a geriatric can’t screw this one up for the Lions.  PSU 45 ND 10.

BYU @ UCLA (-7.5):  Coach Dorrel went out of his way to try not to cover last week against the Cardinal, but they pulled through nonetheless.  BYU plays really well against PAC-10 opponents (won the last 2), but that ends this week.  UCLA is just so much more athletic than the Mormons Cougars.  While it may cause my blood-pressure to rise into dangerous teritory, UCLA gets a late score to pull out a cover.

Games to bet on, not worthy of a write-up:

Nevada (+10) @ Northwestern

West Virginia (-25) @ Marshall

Alabama (-4) @ Vanderbilt

Cal (-14) @ Colorado St

Boise St (-3) @ Washington

Air Force (+7.5) @ Utah

As always, you’re welcome for the picks.  As always, I took too many favorites.  As always, if you don’t like it… stop reading.   Lines provided by Bodog.


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