Michigan vs. App St… The Aftermath


2006-12-03-carr.jpgWell, the sun still came up today. And, the Michigan Wolverines still didn’t beat 1-AA Appalachian State. 34-32. It’s really tough to see that. What makes it tougher is when every person you have ever met or talked to, decides now would be a great time to cactch up. This sucks. This game is undoubtedly the biggest upset in college football history. It may be the biggest upset in the history of sports. Hell, it might be the biggest upset in the world since Davd v. Goliath. That’s truly what it was… little ol’ David beating Goliath. The team with more wins than any other college football team goes down against a team that won’t be eligible to play in a bowl game this year. Yet, Lloyd Carr is still employed.

That’s the toughest thing to figure out. Why is he still the coach at Michigan? He should have been let go in the post-game press conference. The team has been slowly eroding over the last six or so years. They played well for the most part last year, but another disappointing finish with losses to Ohio State (third year in a row) and USC in a bowl (third bowl loss in a row). Obviously, the 2007 campaign is over before it really started, so why not make a clean break and let someone step in and see if they can do better? Ron English would have been a great guy to fill that role. Then, the athletic department could see if English should be in the running when Lloyd is finally let go. Instead, Coach Carr will lead an uninspired team for the rest of the year. Watching/listening to the game made me wonder what the Wolves did all spring and summer? They looked like they had never seen a spread offense or a scrambling QB.

asuzk1.jpgThis was obviously a team that wasn’t prepared to play at all. The defense played with no passion and the offense was stagnant, at best. It’s just mind-boggling how this happened. Yes, the defense lost 7 starters from last year, but we’re talking about Michigan, these are 4 and 5-star recruits stepping in to fill those holes. The defensive line should take a lot of blame. Armanti Edwards ran wherever he wanted whenever he wanted. The linebackers played decent, and made a lot of tackles, but the tackles they made were after gains of 5-7 yards usually. Armanti looked like Vince Young circa 2005 Rose Bowl, and both games ended with similar results. The only difference is that Texas is a legitimate football program.

Even if the defense couldn’t stop the Mountaineers, why couldn’t the offense muster up any more than 32 points? Mike Hart shouldn’t be blamed for anything. He went out and appeared to be the only guy busting his ass every time he got the ball, all while battling (another) injury. The rest of the offense is another story. Chad Henne was 19-37 with one interception in a mediocre performance. Apparently, he didn’t read any college football preview with most saying that Mario Manningham is a premier WR in the country. Mario had three catches for 66 yards, which is a bad day for him. His bad day looks worse when one of those catches was a heave from Henne at the end of the game for 46 yards. This was a team that analysts were saying had some of the best skill position players in all of college football, and they couldn’t score more than 32 points against a 1-AA opponent.

So, what’s next? Carr is going to have to battle a team that likely will be seriously unmotivated for the next three months. They have the talent (apparently) to play with pretty much any team in the country. But, with no desire to play hard yesterday, what could make someone think that they’ll ever get the desire? Henne and Hart returned so their legacies wouldn’t be 0-4 against OSU and 0-4 in bowl games. Well, congratulations, your new legacy is “Team that got beat in the biggest upset of all-time.” Oregon comes to the Big House Saturday and looked pretty good yesterday. They also run a spread offense with a scrambling dual-option QB… and Division 1-A athletes. Would I be surprised if the Blue won by twenty or more? No. Would I be surprised if the Ducks won by twenty or more? Absolutely not.

Vegas should have a great time setting the line on that one.


One Response to “Michigan vs. App St… The Aftermath”

  1. tommyhook Says:

    i guess we owe 2SL an appology for the pre-season rankings argument. I appologize BITCH and so do the Cal bears LOL

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