Football Saturday Live Blog, One



Hello fellow CFB watchers. Today we’re gonna try something new. We’ll kick off our first ever weekly Saturday Live Blog. Follow the jump for updates on games, some commentary, the sandwich pick’em scramble, and probably plenty of info on the APIAS crew that tomorrow we’ll wish we hadn’t posted.

This could turn out to be a huge huge mistake… should be interesting.

[10:07] Jesus who is banging on my door so fervently?

You can find out what time it is after the jump!

[11:10] Less than an hour away… you could almost say…


[11:10] With no time for a real shower TGC washes hair in kitchen sink. -2SL

[11:22] The first Erin Andrews sighting of the day… is GOOD. -2SL

[11:23] Returned from the mall with clothes for a wedding on the gosh damned first weekend of NCAA FOOTBALL! I hate people who don’t understand sports. – EDay

[11:25] Tommyhook asked for my picks for the weekend (apparently he didn’t listen to Super Monday. Here goes:
UAB (+24) @ Michigan State–MSU lost too much to win by more than 3 TDs.
Colorado St @ Colorado (-3)–Revenge game for Colorado… plus they aren’t playing INTRAMURALS at CU anymore.
Wash St @ Wisconsin (-14 1/2)–Bielema has this team ready to prove they deserve to be ranked this high. Also, they returned 45 starters if you hadn’t heard.
Georgia Tech (Pick) @ Notre Dame–Who’s starting at QB for the Irish? Who knows? GT’s D wins this one.
UCLA (-17) @ Stanford–Dorrell returns a bunch of starters from last year’s team who beat USC. Stanford… still sucks.
Okla. St. @ UGA (-6 1/2)–Richt is 17-0 against non-conference home opponents. They win by at least 7.
Kansas St @ Auburn (-14)–Auburn is fast, and has a senior QB, which is huge. Wash State can’t exactly emulate Auburn’s speed on defense in practice.
Idaho (+47 1/2) @ USC–Too many points to give up… maybe.
UT (+7) @ Cal–Earlier this week, I said I liked Cal. Don’t touch this game. Fat Phil is 14-1 in openers. – SR

[11:43] Does Kirk Herbstreit bleach his hair blonde or is he just naturally that queer? (please see tie) – 2SL

[11:47] Breaking News: Lee Corso is EdayStat’s father. -2SL

[11:53] That’s where I got that accent from. -eDayStat

[12:02] Turns out the BigTen Network thinks Ohio St. vs. Youngstown St. is a better game than Michigan/App. St. SmoothRon is NOT happy. -2SL

[12:21] It’s official, 2SL is drinking bourbon today. I give him about 2 more hours before he takes on STEPHEN A. SMITH VOICE!

[12:26] Bob and MrsWicket have arrived on the patio with beers and burgers in tow… gonna be a good day

[12:27] It’s official… the Michigan game is not being shown for our particular region on the Big Ten Network. Smoothron blessed America.

[12:36] So, Michigan’s game isn’t being televised here on the Big Ten Network… or even ESPN GamePlan, for that matter. Then, I may have killed the WiFi on (not) my computer last night. What a perfect day… Oh yeah, MSU is working UAB however they want right now. Perfect day. – SR

[12:46] In honor of BobWicket


[12:52] Florida scored, WKU did not……game over. -2SL

[1:09] If only you could read the Lexington Herald-Leader… Actual quote from an actual paper, “Especially with this Kentucky team. (sic) Only the Indianapolis Colts (or Louisville) have more weapons at the skill postions.” WOW. Seriously. Don’t get me wrong, Woodson and Burton are good. But, let’s be serious. Has John Clay (who wrote this nonsense) ever heard of USC, Florida, LSU, or Texas? Great use of hyperbole, John. If you held any credibility ever, you just lost it, again. – SR

[1:18] You never know how many numbers you have in your phone until your favorite college football team is getting beat by a 1-AA team. Thank you all, you mother-fuckers. – SR

[1:22] Yeah sorry about that -tgc

[1:24] You know whats fun….when your friend’s favorite team is losing to a 1-AA team. – 2SL

[1:41] Does Lloyd Carr get fired on Monday if Michigan loses today to 1-AA App. State? – 2SL

[1:42] Tim Tebow throws a good football, which is not good news for SEC defenses. – 2SL

[1:53] What’s actually fun is when your friends don’t know how to use apostrophes.

[1:54] App St 28 UM 17 HALFTIME: MY LIFE SUCKS. – SR

[2:17] TGC just chased a shot of Jack Daniels with Pepto Bismol. Then quoted, “Preventive measures, but I actually like the taste of it.” – 2SL

[2:26] BobWicket fires up grill

[2:49] SmoothRon has disappeared

[2:50] Michigan scores to make it 31-26. The UM band plays the fight song after a failed 2pt conversion try.

[3:09] Eday shows up from wedding. Which means he probably skipped out after signing the guestbook. Smoothron still missing. -TGC

[3:11] It’s after 3:00 let the drunken ramblings begin. Michigan is still losing, WOW. Really need Colorado to get the comeback win for pick ’em purposes. – 2SL

[3:20] SR calls in a bet. For tracking purposes, still missing.

[3:22] After today’s Catholic wedding on first Saturday of football I hate Notre Dame even more fervently. -eday

[3:44] App state just hit the FG, I’m scared.

[3:48] GOOD. GOD. DAMN.

[3:56] Seriously, my life couldn’t get any worse… unless, Jose Reyes tears his ACL today, I don’t win the Powerball, and Lloyd Carr still has a job in two hours. This sucks. And, I thought my phone was going crazy earlier. – SR

[4:15] Big win for Colorado, but the 3:30 games are looking good early, pick ’em really needs Boston College or Notre Dame to find a win. – 2SL

[4:17] With the Buffs win, APIAS takes an early 10-8 lead over the fantastic Visiting team

[4:36] Yep we hit the phenomenon that is Deadspin’s Hugh Johnson Project for the first time in 2007. Stay tuned for dick jokes.

[4:44] Nessler just said, “I didn’t know they still did the wave but in Wisconsin anything is possible.” Please insert own cow fucking joke now. – 2SL

[4:45] you know what would be funny… like on a random drive somehwere seeing two cows go at it and like this other random bull comes up and is like what the fuck dude you’re supposed to be my best friend and the female cow is like i’m soory it just happened and the other male cow is like seriously man i’m sorry and the bull is like fuck that what did you just slip and fall and your dick went into my heffer… right… you know, cause she’s fat.

[4:50] Ok, that’s our first live blogging technical. TGC is currently on the sidelines, he may return, he may not. – 2SL

[5:06] Don’t feed BC receiver Megwa after midnight. -eDay

[5:16] I didn’t know cable TV’s Al Borland was so into recycling. -eDay

[5:19] Been drinking liquor all fucking day, got drunk by 4:00 broke a bunch of Eday and TGCs shit, switched to beer, now I’m ok. – 2SL

[5:25] We just lost TGC and SmoothRon. Seriously, how to 2 grown men just disappear??? -eDay

[5:29] Every game is at half-time right now. Damn Conspiracy. – 2SL

[6:02] If UCLA can’t cover against Stanford Dorrel should be fired and Bodog should give me a refund. UCLA is the biggest joke of a program if they don’t end up covering. – 2SL

[6:05] We… um.. I… er… took your car to the beer store -tgc

[6:08] where the hell is bobwicket

[6:20] D L J. D L J.

[6:30] The sun is still up and TGC has been walking around the house naked for the last ten minutes. – 2SL

[6:38] Lloyd Carr still has a job. Excuse me? – SR

[6:42] 2SL is making shit up. It was a one-time naked tackle (that by the way was 100% enticed) and I was not completely naked.

[6:44] TGC is correct, he wasn’t completely naked, he was wearing socks, shoes and a small triangular sweater. Other than that, completely naked. – 2SL

[6:49] And a visor!

[7:11] Coach Dorrel has it out for all the gamblers in the world, up 21, spread 17.5 and he plays the back-up QB. He better be careful or the mob will be giving him a concrete bath. – 2SL

[7:14] We’ve got our first official injury of the year. Boston College/Wake Forest umpire goes down late in the 4th quarter. (goes down, haha). – 2SL

[7:29] Iona beats Del. Valley 14-12 in the biggest game of the day. Damn that was close, the nation held their breath at the end of that one. – 2SL

[7:40] For the last 20 minutes TGC has been blarring “Rocky Top” in the living room. That is constantly for the last 20 minutes. I love college football. – 2SL

[7:45] Not true. I’ve been working in “Down The Field” and “Fight Vols Fight” … thank god the Pride Of The Southland has a myspace page… and no they are not members of “Legalize It” to my knowledge – TGC

[7:46] Kentucky has a commanding lead. If the Vols can get a victory tonight, then all of our teams here at Eday – Kentucky, TGC and 2SL – Tennessee, Smoothron – App. State. – 2SL

[7:47] Kentucky up 30-3 at the half. Not surprising. O-line looks decent against a bad, bad team, but Woodson looks like the real deal again. Making good reads and only made 1 bad throw the whole half. He’s gonna be dangerous this year if they find a running back who’s not scared to run between the tackles.


[8:08] It’s Football Time in Tennessee! – 2SL

[8:21] Um, Lloyd Carr is still employed? He should have been fired faster than Shooter in Hoosiers. – SR

[9:10] Just saw a commercial that said, “Have you been missing Mr. O?”  Head hurts… too! many! jokes! – SR

[9:20] UT hits Jackson in the mouth while he’s trying to field a punt, this shit ends now – TGC

[9:26] Well the live-blogging has slowed a bit, but so has everyone’s reactions.  We’re bordering on 12 hours of drinking now, so I’m surprised any of these guys can still operate a computer.  Oh yeah, 50-10 UK win today.  Pulled all the starters early in the 3rd.  Played a bad, bad football team today, but saw a lot of positives that the ole ball team can take away.

[10:14] I’m not sure, and I’m struggling to see this screen, but I think 2SL may have just promised to pee in the floor if he sees a no hitter – tgc

8 Responses to “Football Saturday Live Blog, One”

  1. BobWicket Says:

    S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT!

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    [2:26] BobWicket fires up grill

  3. 2ndstorylloyd Says:

    [4:51] bob wicket laughs out loud

  4. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    i love me a good fat joke

  5. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    i mean a joke about overweightedness (like myself) not like a BIG oversized joke, which i also love.

    /yeah, try to take my commenting privletges

  6. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:


  7. tommyhook Says:

    hey guys i will there in 15 minutes LOL. keep all pointed objects away from smooth

  8. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    sweet, pride of the southland has a myspace…. sorry eday.. going on repeat

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