Facebook – The NCAA is so Proud


You gotta love facebook.  So much information on just about anyone in college these days.  Want to know if that hot girl in your history class has a boyfriend, facebook her.  Post your favorite movies, books and tv shows on your facebook.  Secretly communicate to somone thru your quotes section how you feel about them.  Steal patrick-patterson-hd.jpgquotes from famous poets so everyone thinks you are intelligent.  Of course get as many pictures of yourself as you can on facebook and get as many friends as you can so everyone thinks your important.

Facebook is so popular even big time Division I athletes have their own facebook pages.  What next great UK player loves his facebook?

Find out after the jump. (Here is a hint, his picture is right up there)

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Mr. Patrick Patterson, the basketball player, the speller, the man who wants to legalize pot and the ribs killer.

 Patrick Patterson

Just a few questions here:

  • “Skoolin at UK” – Education at UK may or may not include Spelling class.
  • “Chillin wit da boys…partying and shit” – What exactly does “and shit” mean?
  • “Textn on da sidekick constantly and talkn on da 2nd cell fone” –  Don’t even know what that means.
  • “love to eat chicken and spaghetti and ribs i str8 kill dat shit” – Once again, what exactly does shit mean?
  • “got love for da game, god, my gurtl, and da family” – What is a gurtl? (female turtle?)
  • A member of the Legalize It Cause (group for legalization of weed) – Drug test anyone?

The NCAA is so proud of its student-athletes (most of them will be going pro in something other than sports).  Gotta love facebook.

60 Responses to “Facebook – The NCAA is so Proud”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:


  2. eDayStat Says:

    Yes, but you have yet to tell me how I become this man’s friend.

  3. lou eaton Says:

    I have heard this guy multiple times discussing a variety of things. Never did I ever hear anything resembling this stuff. My guess is that someone from Florida or Duke has conveniently done this page. Seriously doubt that it is genuine.

  4. Sports Talk on KentuckySportsRadio.com » Blog Archive » Meet Patrick Patterson Says:

    […] you knew it would happen. A blog has posted a copy of Patrick Patterson’s Facebook site…..and well, it is very interesting. We see from the site that he is already bleeding blue and […]

  5. derek Says:

    lou eaton:

    I’m a “friend” of Patterson on facebook, and there are hundreds of photos on his profile of him in his every day life as well as many of his friends from high school communicating to him through his facebook profile. It’s genuine.

  6. smoothron Says:

    u need 2 brush up on ur reedin skilz. dat shit aint dat hard 2 reed.

  7. bueller Says:

    i would join facebook just to try to be friends with this guy….and shit.


  8. xpropagandapanda Says:

    “textn on da sidekick constantly and talkn on da 2nd cell fone” – Don’t even know what that means.”

    well, if you don’t know what that means, that’s just sad. you live in the 21st century and you should know about technology.

    he means he’s always texting on his sidekick (a type of cellphone) and while he’s doing that he’s also talking on his secondary cell phone.

    i think he was trying to be funny.


  9. John X. Pott Says:

    It takes a big man to admit to liking Pretty Ricky.

  10. cozyd30 Says:

    Someone probably invited him to join the group, and he did. Doesn’t mean smokes it. I see nothing that looks any different than 99% of other teens facebook/myspace profile. Absolutely nothing to get worked up about, that is unless your a UL, Duke, or Florida fan.

  11. Jarweed Says:

    Shit, I like this kid.

  12. BobWicket Says:

    Well xpropagandapanda adanda bobanda may know what da sidekick (cellphone) is, but can he or she explain “and shit” and/or sarcasm?

  13. BobWicket Says:

    Also…does he smoke joints or blunts?

  14. King Nate Says:

    This is the coolest facebook page ever!! Dis kid is da shit!!!

  15. 2ndstorylloyd Says:

    thanks xpropaganda for clearing that up for…i had no idea what that was. be sure to check out our next blog….”Understanding Sarcasm”

    by the way i’m with cozyd30…..its all for kicks and giggles.

  16. W Says:

    I tried some ‘and shit’ once. It involved a woman’s peehole and my foot. Long story…

  17. W.K. Says:

    “The NCAA is so proud of it’s student-athletes…”

    You should probably learn the difference between “it’s” and “its” before you get pedantic about someone else’s writing. Just a thought.

  18. Jay Says:

    hey, leave the guy alone, he is a grown man and can make his own decisions !!

  19. W Says:

    W.K., your douchebaggyness makes me sad that you half my name in yours. Go back to your D&D chat room.

  20. Garrett Says:

    I wish I still tutored the ballers at CATS… this kid would surpass E-Diddy for smoothness in about fifteen minutes…

  21. BobWicket Says:

    On behalf of APIAS.net, I would like to thank W.K. for the grammer lesson. Also, I was wondering if, “Just a thought.” is a complete sentence?

  22. Ryan- Kentucky Fan Says:

    Get a life and join the paparazzi. Athletes in Lexington and every other college town have myspace and facebook pages. They have their private lives that they live and they have their lives they live on the court or field. Jerks like you should find something better to write about instead of twiddling your thumbs wondering which athlete or program can you dig up dirt on?

    What you fail to understand is that this is a phase in life, it’s called “college”. Maybe you didn’t attend one, but Mr. Patterson is. And, clowning his spellin? If you checked his GPA, it’s probably higher than yours was in that dinky institution you went to. The mispellin’ is intentional you idiot. It’s to be “cool”, get girls, get laid and people to like him.

    Your favorite blog reader,


    PS> Don’t tell me you never smoked a little trees?

  23. Renee3 Says:

    HA! So true. It’s unfortunate that you can learn so much about someone you will never meet. For the dumb/confused: NEVER post pictures/comments that you dont want others to see. DUH!

  24. smoothron Says:

    I wasn’t aware you wrote for KSR. Apparently KSR wasn’t as appalled as you as they went ahead and linked it over. The thing about this is… no one made you come read it. It’s not exactly private when anyone on Facebook can see it, you know? Also, all of the 4 of us who write for APIAS.net went to (and finished college).

    Thanks for the lesson on being cool. We will all now try to “mispell,” get girls and get laid.

  25. 2ndstorylloyd Says:


    Honestly you think we here at apias.net thought he didn’t know how to spell? Come on, his misspelling of words is supposed to be fun, just like our posting of the page is supposed to be fun.
    If misspelling words is cool…consider us Miles Davis!
    By the way, don’t count on the GPA thing either there. We have time to sit around and “dig up dirt” because we all have those high paying jobs that don’t require much actual work at all.

  26. Yeahitsme Says:

    So is he dating this girl named Lauren or is he single like it says later?

    He is saying he text with one phone while he is talking on the second.

    Obviously gurtl is suppose to be gurl which is slange for girl

    Just because he wants it legalized doesn’t make him a pot smoker. The whole legalizing of marijuana became popular from anti drug politicians who believe that legalizing will stop the money flow of the black market which will push many drug lords to move away from pot because the money isn’t there anymore. The problem is they will go to harder drugs and those harder drugs will be the growing trend…also it says that if a society breaks a law enough then the government will bail on the law and allow it. Not exactly the message the government needs to be sending.

  27. Extra P. Says:

    Can’t a guy be a Baptist Christian and still be on the lookout for “Friendship & whatever I can get”? And want to legalize the healing sacrament of marijuana?

  28. tommyhook Says:

    I dont care if he’s a heroin dealer as long as he gets 20 and 10. Everyone already knew he was a dumbass

  29. BobWicket Says:

    I bet his GPA was higher than mine.

  30. smoothron Says:

    You truly speak for every UK fan out there. He can hit the bong before he shoots every free throw, and as long as the Cats are winning, no one will care. Just like Billy Clyde, obviously a lush, no one cares.

  31. 2ndstorylloyd Says:

    I’ll take that bet Bobwicket…..$500 says your GPA at the end of your college days will be higher than his.

  32. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Everyone is missing the point… most importantly:

    Can he hook TGC up with Mary-Lynn Harshbarger?

  33. smoothron Says:

    It’s also great that he recruited two people for the “Legalize It” group. Too bad he didn’t have the same swagger when he was trying to get Jai Lucas to come to UK.

  34. Ryan- Kentucky Fan Says:

    He punked Lucas, told him he was going to FL, then changed it after Lucas already committed. NOW THATS COOL.

    Patterson Thoughts:
    He basically said this dude is claiming to be my best friend and I don’t even know this foo. I’ll show him, these girls don’t want a midget that CAN spell. I be coo and show this foo who gets laid = GO TO KENTUCKY..

  35. BobWicket Says:

    4,000 points to TGC…That is some funny stuff.

  36. zbrien6 Says:

    Your kidding right? You actually think this is Patrick Patterson’s real page? I know some of the basketball players, and this happens to them all the time (i.e. Alex Legion has about 5 myspace profiles). Don’t be so naive as to think this is actually Patterson’s own profile.

  37. SarahAnn Says:

    That is so so sad 😦

    I hope he finds time in his busy schedule to enroll in an english class


  38. watex Says:

    its true.

    that hot girl has a b friend

  39. Ad C Says:

    and shit >>> yadda yadda yadda
    that kid is pretty cool. too bad i don’t care for UK. both the kingdom and the university

  40. sluggabohn Says:

    Legalize it! has 166,141 members and $608 donated.
    I wonder what they’re spending all their money on?

  41. sassy Says:

    I dint undastand a wud u said man, chill, like idnt nuttin rong wid dat spellin in f8sbuk. I becha a fiddy dolla bill a dat.

  42. RVZ4UK Says:

    The man seems to have his head on straight. Sign me up for the legalization of pot cause. I haven’t smoked weed for years, but all tha things that the plant can do for society is unreal. Things like fuel, cosmetics, pharmacuticals, rope, and the most important, 1 acre of pot supplies more oxygen to us than 4 acres of trees. P-Pat hope all goes well for you and soon you bring UK it’s 8th banner. To you and yours, may God bless, and take care. RVZ4UK

  43. Stef Says:

    It will just reflect negatively back on Patterson as he’s trying to find work in his field… if this is indeed his legitimate page.

  44. grownANDsexy Says:

    Wow… lol

  45. Bernie Kasper Says:

    Maybe he could be Gatewood Galbraith’s running mate the next time he runs fro Govenor!

  46. CJ Blackwing Says:

    Orororo?! Better drug test him. Dumb hippies.

  47. eDayStat Says:

    Bernie, great Gatewood reference.

    Everyone: If Pat Pat did this on purpose to be cool. Then he deserves to be made fun of. If he did it on purpose to be funny and make fun of other people (which I think is the true story) then it’s still a good read and it shows the guy has some character, which UK has badly needed lately on their team.

    Either way, I doubt it is fake. If someone has that many pictures of him, then I would suggest Patterson calls the police immediately.

  48. Top Posts « WordPress.com Says:

    […] Facebook – The NCAA is so Proud You gotta love facebook.  So much information on just about anyone in college these days.  Want to know if that hot […] […]

  49. chris Says:

    I like that all his Facebook friends are white girls… the same kind of white girls you’d find in the White Chicks and Gang Signs video or beauty pageant contestants from South Carolina.

    On, on U of K indeed.

  50. BobWicket Says:

    I can’t tell for sure, but in the picture it seems we may have the second coming…of the ‘stache.

  51. smoothron Says:

    Carlton is highly pissed you just even MENTIONED that.

  52. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Yes, but Saron Drive (specifically the Shell checkout counters) simultaneously explodes into cheers

  53. KKM Says:

    This is ridiculous. Let me guess….you friend requested him in order to creep all over his page like an obsessed stalker, then spent even MORE of your pathetic time writing this useless blog about him. Nobody talks to their friends in pefect english, so DO NOT judge someone based on their facebook page. Of course he is going to type sentences they way he would say them in real life. Hell, if he had wrote, “I love consuming delicious ribs. They feel delicate and wonderful on my palate with their full flavor and smoky sauce. It’s quite enjoyable :)” you would pick on him too! And who grades someones facebook page? Except maybe someone who has nothing better to do like YOU. And who cares if he wants to legalize weed? There are a lot of people who feel that way, and judging someone based on their opinions is ignorant. Don’t waste your time poking fun at a person who is just trying to show his personality on his page and network with his friends. Get over yourself. You are obviously jealous and pathetic. I sincerely feel sorry for you. Please, get a life.

    P.S: Facebook is for friends, NOT stalkers!!

  54. KKM Says:

    Of course he is going to type sentences THE way he would say them in real life.**

  55. smoothron Says:

    Your timeliness is impeccable.

  56. KKM Says:

    LOL I noticed that. But someone sent me the link and I had to say something.

    btw, good job making fun of me over an old issue, and then also posting on it.

  57. SSP Says:

    i think if you’re going to make fun of someone for spelling, you should consider looking over what you have written.

    “and get as many friends as you can so everyone thinks your important.” –education may or may not include your versus you’re…

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