Jay Paterno well on his way to being his Dad


downgoesmorelli.jpgIt’s no secret around here how much we love Joe Paterno.  First, he says he wants to coach from the press box this year.  That would make you think that Joe had nothing else noteworthy to give us until the season started.  It appears, however, that everyone’s favorite octogenarian-football coach has gone above and beyond.  Well not actually Joe, but his son, QB-coach Jay is the one making news.  He now has his Quarterbacks preparing for games by, yes, playing PlayStation3.  Everyone’s favorite Jersey-shore native Anthony Morelli goes on to explain.

“It’s pretty much getting to the point where it’s almost real. It’s getting scary,” he said. “They’ve got guys’ accuracy, your arm strength. They’re almost making it look exactly like you. Some guys even move like they really move. It’s crazy. It’s realistic.”

Hold on.


Sorry, I had to catch my breath there for a second.  How great is this?!?  Again, my love of the UM Wolverines has never been hidden.  But, who couldn’t love this?  There are so many questions I have regarding this newfound “coaching” Jay Paterno is doing. 

  • Does JoePa know this is going on (if he knows anything is going on anymore)?  If so, what was his reaction?
  • Can Morelli and the boys hit the bong and eat Cheetos all whilst playing?
  • Can I play?


Again, this is awesome, especially if you aren’t a Penn State fan.  Keep in mind, instead of actually practicing, PSU QBs are playing PS3.  If your favorite team is playing the Nittany Lions this year, you might want to let the team know to work on their video game skills.

[ Pittsburgh Tribune Review ]

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