Super Monday – SEC Style


Its business time. 


Butter up the cornbread, pull the ribs off the grill, and ask that girl from South Carolina to please repeat herself, its Super Monday SEC WEEK!

Tonight we’ll be debating the toughest opposing crowds and stadia, (yep stadia is correct, not stadiums you hillbill… oh, its SEC week, right right…)  The toughest dad-gum stadiums in all the land will be fought about like General Neyland fighting off the Sioux in Korea.

We’ll talk about the rash of suspensions going on under the Ol Ball Coach’s nose (hair).  We’ll have special guest BobWicket in studio.  And as always, call in to voice your opinion, complain about Sly Croom, or with a good bourbon mix idea.  310-984-7600

Show ID: 211751

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Show is at 9pm EST.  Follow the link to listen and chat along with the live board.

One Response to “Super Monday – SEC Style”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    And never fear, we’re not robots.

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