Breakfast Wagon 21


A rundown of spicy links we enjoyed this week while out in Blogfrica. 

  • [Extrapolater] – found a baseball name longer than Saltalaa….zzzzzz….machia
  • The “Who’s Schrute” bracket came to a close, the Skip Bayless barbecue will be held this Saturday at Community Theater #2, please  bring finger foods [Blumpkins For All]
  • The [Ladies…] took over [Deadspin] for the weekend…
  • [The Leaky Brain] explains the connection between bicycling, severed limbs and Star Jones.  No, I don’t think Jones was bicycling.
  • The triumphant return of Joel Zumaya, now with more tattoos! [MLB]
  • [Pyle of List] has put together a course-catalog guide.  Attention Co-ed Freshmen: Avoid the Sean Salisbury Phone Tech class at all costs!

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