TWIRS: Gettin’ Your Guns Off


shootingtehguns.jpgThis Week In Random Sports (TWIRS) is a  column that runs occasionally on some Wednesdays.  Pretty much whenever eDay feels the need to bore sports fans with sports he finds either interesting, stupid, humorous, or just when he has nothing to say and wants to show hot pictures of athletes.

Okay, so technically the University of Kentucky is in the Great American Rifle Conference (GARC for those not in the know) in team rifle competition.  But in the spirit of SEC Week on APIAS we can’t consider any team affiliated with UK as anything but a Southeastern Conference team.

So grab your 12-gauge, a case of beer, and a couple of moon pies and please, please do not say PULL! after the jump.

Would you believe that the University of Kentucky is picked as the preseason favorite in rifle competition?  A state where you still see rifle racks, with guns in them, on trucks.  A state where my sister-in-law’s nephew (swear, he’s not also my brother) killed his first deer at age 8.  This should surprise no one.

shesashooter.jpgWhat should surprise you is how smoking hot rifle team girls are.  We give you this young lady as proof.  This young gal is Amy Sowash, and yes, she is stunningly beautiful.  She’s also a fantastic shooter and scholar-athlete.  But she is also very, very attractive.

She’s also not the only cute rifle team member.  UK also has Leslie Angeli, Jennifer Pason, and Ashley Jackson, all of whom are lovely.

But the big thing UK has going for it is three players were voted pre-season top 10 in the combined categories and in air rifle.  In the combined, Tom Csenge and Pason are voted 2 and 3 while Andrew Roland rounds out the top 10.  In air rifle, Csenge and Pason are 3 and 4 with Ashley Jackson coming in 8th.  We think the Cats are definately poised to defend their 2006 GARC regular season and tournament championships. 

So here’s to you rifle team.  While you’re deadly accuracy on the range excites us in a way it also scares the BeJebus out of us when you are not in a safe-shooting environment.  And to the UK rifle team ladies.  You are some of the most attractive young women our sports clubs have to offer.  We just hope you don’t take offense to anything we’ve said and find out where we live.

2 Responses to “TWIRS: Gettin’ Your Guns Off”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    too many cock, pull, and shoot jokes available to even try

  2. eDayStat Says:

    I like to set up Blogsylvania as much as possible.

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