Gambler’s Paradise Returns…


money.jpgThat’s right folks, it is finally that time. No more waste-of-time-and-money-sucker-bet-futures… it’s time to start wagering on real live games! As a gambling addict, er, enthusiast, I could not be happier. This is where riches are made, and rent money is lost; where you’re buying rounds at the end of the night, or having to ask 2SL to spot you. The gambler lives with every play, on ANY game. Nothing makes the Saturday afternoon Ole Miss-Vandy game more interesting than have a hundo riding on it. In keeping with “SEC Week” here on the site, we’ll take a look at the four games involving SEC teams I like the most in games that start NEXT WEEKEND!

To gain a little money because you’re just not being appreciated enough at your job cleaning up elephant shit at the circus, follow along after the jump.

LSU (-20) @ Mississippi State: Words can’t express how much I love LSU 2004-11-04-inside-croom.jpgin this game. LSU is better at every position, and most of their 2nd and 3rd stringers would start for the Bulldogs. LSU was up 35-0 in this game last year before Croom’s offense even realized they were playing. Don’t let the pundits tell you that LSU’s offense is going to struggle, this is LSU and they are just fine when it comes to offense. That doesn”t even go to speak of the ridiculous defense the Tigers are putting on the field. There are ten upper-class starters on what may be the nation’s best defensive unit. They are big, strong, fast, and just flat-out nasty. The biggest point has still been unmentioned: Sylvester Croom is still coaching the Bulldogs. Bad coaches make for great betting (see: Art Shell, Oakland Raiders, 2006). Bet the Tigers, and bet them heavy. It will be nice to have some extra money heading into the weekend.

Oklahoma State @ Georgia (-7): UGA had a tough go of things last year. They couldn’t ever find a QB who was ready to play, Thomas Brown battled injuries, and they got “goal-posted” at UK. This is a bounce-back year for the Dawgs, and it starts against OSU. Matthew Stafford should be ready after getting a full off-season of practices, and all indications are that Brown is poised to make up for last year’s shortcomings. For OSU, Adaruis Bowman is one of the top receivers in the country, but that’s about as much as you can say about the Cowboys. They just don’t have the skill players to deal with UGA and that SEC speed on defense. I like the Dawgs by at least two TDs and they should cover easily.

Kansas State @ Auburn (-14): It shouldn’t surprise you that the SEC is the pick again against a non-conference foe. But, Auburn is a good football team. Brandon Cox returns for his senior season and could prove to be an upper-echelon SEC QB this year. Brad Lester becomes the feature back after being Robin to Kenny Irons’ Batman last year. He actually led the team in rushing TDs last year. The defense isn’t as experienced as Coach Tuberville might like, but this is the SEC, and there aren’t bad defenses in the South. K-State is a mediocre team in a mediocre conference, and they just don’t have the talent to compete with the Tigers. It’s also not a good sign when your site asks, “Is K-State’s offense ready? The Tigers won big last year when they brought a mediocre team in for their first game, and they should do the same this year. Tigers win 34-14.

t1_jackson.jpgTennessee @ Cal (-5): This was the hardest game to handicap, for many reasons. For one, it is the only game we’ve looked at that features teams on the same talent-level. Secondly, Cal and UT are two teams that are extremely inconsistent when it comes to gambling. And thirdly, my pick will not make two other writers from this site very happy (unless they remember how much money I lost last year). UT absolutely beat Cal down last year when they came to Knoxville. One must remember, however, that UT HAD TO WIN that game. They were coming off their first sub-.500 season in a long time, and the fans and team needed a reason to believe. Cal never looked like they left the west coast, and it was 35-0 by halftime. This will be a huge revenge game for the Bears, and it’s been what they have been preparing for ever since they finished off the season with a drubbing of Texas A & M. They lost Marshawn Lynch but bring back Nate Longshore and a national top-5 WR in DeSean Jackson. The Vols bring back Erik Ainge at QB, but he doesn’t have any of his top-three targets from last season. There are tons of questions at running back, with LaMarcus Coker and his “medical problems.” The revenge factor is just too sweet, and much like last year, the Bears get on the board early and often and win by 10+ in what will surely result in TGC throwing lots of shit.

Gambler’s Paradise is a weekly column that runs on Thursdays. Smoothron will give his favorite games of the upcoming sports weekend. Thanks to BETUS for the lines.

3 Responses to “Gambler’s Paradise Returns…”

  1. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    and all of anything i throw week one will be directed in your area.. FYI

  2. eDayStat Says:

    I don’t think Auburn can even score 14, but I’ll take UT in any game, heads-up, so with 5, I LOVE it.

  3. smoothron Says:

    Note to self: Buy knight’s suit of armor (circa 1050) before Sept. 1.

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