SEC Week is Dancin’ – Smile with your eyes!


What better way to kick off SEC week than with gratuitous pictures of yet another University of Tennessee National Champ.

Your 2007 UDA NATIONAL CHAMPION Vol Dancers.


Details on next year’s team after the pirouette, moonwalk, jazz hands, and JUMP!

Just, FYI, in case you were planning on trying out next year


Dance Team Tryouts are April 20-22. Tryout Applications due April 1st.
Required skills – advanced execution of kicks, split leaps, triple/quadruple pirouettes, switch leaps, fouettes and flexibility (splits, etc).

Required Tryout Attire – Clothing is to be dark, solid colors for tryouts. No loose-fitting clothes allowed during the tryout weekend, including boot-cut dance pants. Crop tops are mandatory. Shoes are a personal preference, remember a variety of dance styles will be introduced during the weekend. Knee pads are suggested. Do not wear jewelry!

So don’t be showing up in no saggy-ass dance pants…. mmmm… dance pants…



One Response to “SEC Week is Dancin’ – Smile with your eyes!”

  1. eDayStat Says:

    I can hear the high-pitched voices again. It’s like we’re at a Shamrock’s full of waitresses!

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