Micah Owings is not amused by Rick Ankiel


micahdays.jpgThe baseball world has been on fire talking about Rick Ankiel in the last few weeks.  Rick has grabbed the spotlight after comin up and hitting three home run and batting .296 in his first 8 games.  But on Saturday, Micah Owings overshadowed all of that. 

Owings proved that it is possible for one to pitch and hit in the same game.  While Rick has been hitting extremely well, I’m pretty sure that if he took the mound all the people in the first three rows would have their gloves on and ready to catch a wild Ankiel delivery.  Micah had 2 HR’s and a total of 6 RBI against the the Braves this weekend.  An incredible line for anyone.

Oh, he also threw 7 innings and struck out 7 without a walk.  He gave up one more home run than he hit, but had twice as many RBI as he gave up.  Ridiciulous. 

So enjoy it Micah.  You’re 3 long balls and .283 average in 25 games can’t hold up forever.  The 6-6 record with a 4.70 ERA indicates you need to spend a little more time in the pen before games.  Step outta the cage for a while bud.  But just remember, if those boys keeping roughing you up to the tune of 3 homers a game you can always go the Wild Thing Rick angle.  Just throw about 10 wild pitches a game for the next two starts and theyll put you in the outfield.  Then you can hit away every day. 

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