Super Monday Sports Radio 8-13


Super MondayWelcome back folks from another humid weekend for another cool-breeze kind of evening filled with sweet frosted brew, cool Kentucky Lemonade, and almost out-of-hand sports banter.  Eday and yours truly have just returned from a journey to Detriot Rock City and boy do we have some stories to tell… er… whats that, E? Don’t tell that one?  Okay… Scratch that folks, no storytelling this eve.

Tonight we’ll be joined by the Lovely Lady Andrea from Ladies… who will discuss the craziest story in recent MLB history, no not that… we’ll be praising Rick Ankiel!

This week’s College Football Preview segment will be the Big XII, while your favorite fight, The Knockaround features this question, “Which happens first… A-Rod passes Barry, or Tiger catches Jack?”

Just click the link below to listen and chat along with the board. 

As always, you may call in at 310-984-7600 with questions, comments or complaints about sports, or the recipe for a good bourbon mixer.

Show ID: 211751

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Show starts 9pm Eastern.

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