APIAS Goes to Detroit (Day Two)


comericafromhall.jpgWell sports fans, we’ve been in Detroit almost 24 hours now and we’re still alive.  A good night was had by all last night.  Especially those who had the fortunate experience to come across our path at Coach’s Corner around 1AM.  The Leland’s Basement Diner was delicious as always and somehow there was another exploding salt shaker incident. 

A trip to Greek Town last night was fun.  Especially the look on TGC’s face when he realized he had sat at a $25 roulette table.  Back to Greek Town this morning scored us some good pizza and some good sights.  HockeyTown looms on the horizon and then it’s game time.  We’ll try to get some game pictures up on Day Three.  If there is a Day Three.

And TGC has his game face on after the jump.


7 Responses to “APIAS Goes to Detroit (Day Two)”

  1. BobWicket Says:

    Yeah, but where was BobWicket?

  2. TheGoldfishCowboy Says:

    Exactly. Sean Casey says hello

  3. Tresvant Says:

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  4. Jaye Says:

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  5. Sands Says:

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  6. Head Says:

    Interesting read . . . I think I’m going to write a semi-reply on my blog but I’ll link back to yours art of war

  7. cam roulette Says:

    Thanks for being so gentle to share this information. To do nothing is sometimes a good remedy. ~Hippocrates

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